A Shore We May Never See

There is always more then we initially see; affirmation those mornings running beside a not yet bustling beach.

A driver of a car pulling across the running path, creating a reaction to move farthest from where the vehicle was at.  Day two the same individual performing a job unaware his actions were making an impression to last.

A building for public visiting.  His job before dawn window cleaning.  As ear-catching as feathered friends his whistle while he worked; a melody as sweet sounding as beautiful song birds. A joy in the tone and not for notice or show.  Unaware of passerbys to and fro.

A moments pause pondering to say “thank you” for the start to my day.  Then second thoughts more impactful to stay silent and continue on my way.  As the ocean complimented his song with its rolling waves, I was reminded of the difference everyone can make.

A drop of water creates a splash which creates a ripple that begins the wave.  The wave rolls until it crests onto shore far from that first drop made.

The drop can’t see what shore the wave crashes into, what feet or ears it reaches when it reaches its destiny.  Yet it fulfilled a purpose by simply being who it is meant to be.

Someone waking the sand – or running  within ear shot – has the opportunity to feel positively moved even if they never meet the origin of the drop.

If every person felt joyful in what they did each day, and one for every person heard and felt happiness too, what a different world would start to come into view.  Positive  energy begets energy, the only “work” required is “Be”.

What drops are you casting for others to receive? img_5816




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