The Halo I See


Such beauty to behold, far greater to the eye then a camera click beholds.  Surrounding radiance, the colors like a circular rainbow.   As if a halo around the light of the moon, or a lit doorway as if an invitation to dive through.   A whisper that a sunrise not the only promise of light after dark goes away; within the darkness light cannot fade.

Each of us standing under the same moon, each of us deciding our view.   Some see the ring of light, others the moon’s white.  Others see the dark sky absent of stars, eyes clouded by fears and a heavy heart.    

What is it that you see?   What whispers to you among these three?  Do you see the blackness of the sky?   Or do you see the large white light?   Do you see the subtle color of orange or do you see the cloudy haze?   A moment’s pause to admire, or you are already thinking of what you must ‘get done’ the next day?  Are you able to see past the literal image of the moon and imagine it is a door beckoning you?   Or are your thoughts that if it is a door, it is certain to close soon? 

We learn best through opposites, and it is in balancing opposites we find our centering.  When we find our center, we find peace.   If we feel hopelessness, we are being taught hope.  If we feel uncertain, we are being taught to know.  If we are in harmony, it is an energy we are met to impart.  Our energy a ripple effect to balance those who feel fear and that life is hard.   If we feel compassion, if we feel faith, it is with these that can bring positive change.    If we feel despair, we feed the world around us to create the same.   If we feel love, we counter hate.

Each of our days know sunlight and night time, dark and light.   Sometimes the day’s light is masked by rain or snow.  Sometimes clouds hide the stars’ glow.   But if we look with wide and open eyes we will always find, no matter how small there is always a radiant light.  


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