Imprints, Impressions, and Intentions



This blog dedicated to two who are champions of change; each a single drop with the desire to begin waves.   One planted a seed with a question prompting others to reflect on society’s growing hate.  Another is planting a seed that others will awake greeting what lies ahead as an extraordinary day.    Neither are famous as defined by those star-gazed for who crosses movie screens.   Each are heroes, though, to their co-workers, friends and family.   Neither seek being in the limelight, change agents humbly.    “Simply” living out loud what each believes.

Though a certain idea came to me before my path crossed with both these agents of change, both are inspiring my reflection as I write today.    I am one who likes the power of three, and I find enjoyment in leaving random acts of kindness for strangers I meet.  It might be a note of appreciation for someone’s customer service or their joyful spirit that was a pleasure to be around.  It might be an extra tip for a waitress who I perceive has many more hours of standing before she can sit down.   With Christmas near, it seemed fitting to play Santa’s helper for three souls.  A small little gift and a note “you are special” left for someone when they weren’t looking my goal.

The first one was placed in the top of a grocery sack, when all I could see was the dear soul’s back.   We receive far more than we give and this time no exception in my heart’s joyfulness.   My hope that I had brightened another’s day when how the stocking made it into her groceries her guess.  The second one was placed on top of an item in a shopping cart.   Though the intent for her happiness, equally it was felt in my own heart.    The third one was a recruitment of another “elf” to join in brightening someone’s day with a surprise gift.  My only ask was that the cashier put it into someone’s sack when her intuition said this person needs this.

She was eager to do so, and had only one ask from me.  Could she open it up before she paid it forward with one tiny peek?   She then mentioned in passing words that caught me off guard.  Her words spoke volumes of the fear in so many hearts.   It isn’t poison is it? she jokingly asked, yet I perceive a small percentage of her was not seeking laughter but reassurance it was safe.   It had not crossed my mind that people might fear an unknown gift they now faced.   Did I find three souls who don’t have suspicion as the first word they embrace?   Or maybe I found three souls who are glad to be reminded good will is still in place.

A day later, and I am running among the trees, where I best hear and see.   I am thinking of one of the change agents whose question fostered tearing down the walls of hate.  In my steps I am sending intention that the second soul found healing if she feels harmed by mounting fears and prejudices in place.   My steps crunching on the trail are to the rhythm of the mantra the color of hearts may the world start to see; skin is just the surface of each soul’s beautiful diversity. 

I am running among the trees, thinking of the second agent of change challenging each person to see the goodness of every day.   Certainly, my intention to brighten each for these three souls the same.    In the moments I second-guessed these gestures, I thought of this person who knows he may get a grumble or ignored when he communicates have a great day.  Yet he forges ahead with declarations person X or Y will do so because he believes in the power of his message he conveys.   When a heart comes from a good place, the energy spreads inspiring change.   We may not always know the extent of the splash and the distance of the rippling waves.  But we can trust that a positive mark has been made.

An imprint left that may be hard to see.   It may also get stepped on by four-legged feet.  It may resemble a different image when another looks at the mark left behind.  One’s thought the imprint is nothing can look to another as wings in flight.  Each of these change agents who “simply” live what they believe are leaving impressions to cascade far and deep.   They may never know the difference they make, but by being who they are, they are the change the world needs.

I thought back to the three souls who will react to the surprise, and I thought about how I do not know the details of their lives.   Goodness begets goodness, open hearts begets trust and reduces fear and dismay.   I am going to trust that these three small gestures were passed on to other agents of change.   I am going to trust that these souls are like the images of these trees.  Each perhaps wounded, but still standing tall, growing past pain, healing despite injury.   Holding on to hope and faith, not becoming like their barren surroundings.   Each their own individuals, but knowing how to meet in the middle with compromise.  Standing rooted in place, yet knowing partnering with others (like water) is how they will survive.

Each of us can be an agent of change the world needs.  It doesn’t have to be grand to be extraordinary.   Kindness, encouraging words, thought provoking challenge, a smile – each go along way.   Don’t discount being who you are brings about that drop that ripples a wave.

So, my dear reader, with each new great day, what will you do to be an agent of positive change?

4 thoughts on “Imprints, Impressions, and Intentions

  1. Nan Ainsworth says:

    Chris my dear friend: As I read your message on the day that I received your card that of paying it forward, I believe that your well written words are speaking to me.

    I am so thankful that we have the bond that we do, no matter how near and far we are,

    May God bless your kindness, talents, and gift to touch the world around you.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart until we meet again very soon. Happy Holidays to you and yours 🎄❄️☃️😍

    1. Christine says:

      Aww, my friend, thank YOU for these words! My heart is touched deeply, my heart in gratitude for you! Happy holidays to you and all who you hold dear. Xoxo!

  2. Kristi Young says:

    I am sharing your beautiful words that speak volumes to my heart. May your path be blessed everyday my friend❤️⭕️❌⭕️❌

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