Only One to Keep

It was the last “storage area” that I felt drawn to declutter after purging each room of home.   A ritual to let go to let come a regular routine I know.   Like the unfolding of a rose, petal by petal, each declutter process goes deeper than the time before.  This time I continued to think if I was allowed only one to keep, what can be paid forward to someone who needs it more.   A desire to increase the appreciation of what is already overflowing in abundancy, I looked for where I no longer had a need.

A shelf containing twelve vases would assure I would not notice any of their specialty.   Now the three-remaining different shaped flower holders assures each one remaining I better see.   Six platters for serving food guaranteed a dinner plate would get used instead.   Tis easier to reach for then the stacked breakable platters behind what felt like a cluttered dishware nest.   Some of the platters were not sentimental, no memory nor passed through the generations of family.   Those special ones were collecting dust instead of sharing their legacy.   Now two platters are within reach to be used every day.  After all, shouldn’t every day be a special occasion to celebrate?

This last area to sort through was not materialistic held in a hand.  It was pictures and images saved in on-line boards, such as images of far away lands.   One board was labeled Animal Power, containing images I had pinned such as a lion, an owl, and a butterfly.   Another board contained quotes that had resonated at particular points in my life.   At the time these boards were created, they were vison boards as intentions or they were anchors as footholds.  They were the inspiration, the trust, and the wishes of places I desired to go.

I came to several pictures of owls, a special totem animal for me.   And then I thought about how many times I’ve had the privilege of one crossing my path for me to see.  I thought about how I have my own pictures similar to some of these images I’ve pinned from someone else’s design.   Just as I hadn’t noticed twelve vases or six platters, had I fully appreciated my own live encounter times?   I know I have felt the awe and I have been in gratitude; yet, was there still a small short changing to what had been my own personal view?   Was I looking “over there” thinking that someone else’s picture was grander or something I had to compare to?   If I was allowed only one picture to keep, what one would I choose?

The boards are deleted now, space now open for me to go to my own photo collage when footholds I might need.   I can draw upon my own images of the animals I have seen.  The intention still in place for adventure to places not yet explored.  But now space is opened wider for locations not thought of before.   Given that the Universe responds to that which we desire and dream, I don’t want to be too specific and miss possibilities.    Decluttering these boards is also a gesture of increased trust and greater presencing.   It is time to not just occasionally notice what is in front of me.   It is time to notice the images of each day.  After all, shouldn’t everything our eyes see in person be viewed as special in some way?

Is there a “storage area” for you that is blocking your view?  Is there “extra” of something you have that is decreasing appreciation of something in front of you?   Is there something you could let go of that would yield a gain two-fold?  For by you letting go, both the person you pay forward to and yourself in abundance grow.   We open up space for something new to replace the old.   And we give someone else a chance to appreciate what we hadn’t necessarily noticed before we let it go.  If you were allowed only one to keep, what could be let go for someone else in greater need?

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