Winter Blessings

For Feb 6 blog


Never is any moment coincidence, always exactly as it should be.   Moments carry messages if are eyes open to see.   If our ears are open to listen, if our hearts match are arms open wide.   We can be running along on a windy day and a “love note” we find.

This feather posed in this exact way, as if waving to catch my eye.   Look at me, pause, breathe in my message before you run by.   Blessings and abundant thankfulness the Universe wanted me to know.   Left by a turkey who crossed sometime before on this same road.

Choice, always at least two, if not a few or many more.   In every moment, at least two options we can look for.   We can look at the clouds and mourn that the sun is hiding on yet another winter day.  Or that we aren’t shoveling three feet of snow we can celebrate.   We can look at a temperature gauge and long for it to stay risen above four and o.    Or we can give our blessings that we have available to us entry into a warm home.  We can count on the calendar feverishly the number of days until Spring.  Or we can stand present and curious pondering hmmmm, what will this current day bring?

There is the alarm that goes off nudging or screaming rise and shine.   Which choice is it for you when it’s that time?   Do you hit snooze and think “it is going to be a really long day”?   Or do you jump out of bed thinking “for today I can’t wait”?    Do you then focus on a checklist of what needs to be done first, second, and number twenty-three?   Or do you make a choice to stop rushing to sit with a loved one while they eat?

When you travel to work and the person in front of you is driving below the designated speed, do you sigh and get angry?  Or are you grateful for how their slowness may be holding you in safe keep?    We never know what lies ahead that we are trying to speed to by our own “must” time.    What if our three seconds faster meant that in the middle of an accident ourselves we could find?

If you are standing in line waiting for a clerk or teller, how often do you watch the time and grow in your anxiety?  Or do you notice others in line around you as, they, too, wait expectantly?   Do you see a person momentarily walk away from the counter with eyes fighting back tears?  Or are you repeating a mantra in your mind years, this is taking year? 

Do you overhear a customer start talking about something he loves to do no longer excites him the same?   Or are you too busy thinking how long is this going to take?   Do you choose to see the customer interaction as the kind of heart-felt service you would hope to receive?  Or do you see that you are the only customer that needs attending?    Do you stand in line and think I am thankful I can buy this food I am about to cook for family?  Or are you already thinking about what else needs to be done after everyone eats?

How many turkey feathers do you think you drive by without ever noticing?   Do you think there are ever any “love notes” from the Universe waiting for your reading?    Sometimes we will have moments we miss the gift of gratitude, and that is okay, for that is what we as humans do.   We can’t know blessings and the true essence of thankfulness without feelings that we sometimes wished for more or else or instead.   Honoring the feelings of “if only” is part of the process of learning to know blessings at their best.

So, when the alarm clock rings and you decide to toss it on the floor, know that is okay.  Just remember that tomorrow you will have two more choices you face.   Will you put on the glasses of it will be a wonderful day?  Or will you put on glasses that miss a turkey feather in a snowbank?

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