The Flight of Time

For February 13th Blog


Three words frequently spoken, said as fluently as hello and goodbye; three ordinary words – time flies by.  The words said with certainty, the words said from experience too.   Sometimes the words spoken with a sigh at their resonating truth.   So many of us speak these words, in laughter or in wishes time would slow.   How many of us take to heart what the words want us to know?

When we walk by a river or we walk on a just right sunny day, we stop and look and giggle at the shadow or reflective face.   We like the way a sun catcher captures beams of sunlight in its hands.  We like the rainbow colors the stained glass displays time and again.  We build our arm muscles holding out a phone for that selfie pose or two.   A snapshot of our reflection second nature now in what we know how to do.

We capture split seconds, we capture moments, we accumulate snippets of time.   How often, though, do we pause and see how the seconds intertwine?   Do we lay out the moments, perhaps like a movie reel or a puzzle with a million pieces we could link?  Or do we have pieces and parts that we would prefer stay tucked under lock and key?   Do we look at a snapshot with fondness at what we once wore?  Or do we quickly turn away wishing that was not the outfit adorned?

Do we look with gratitude at the reel of time seeing what the movie clips can’t speak?  What do we remember when we look back over each scene?    Do we hone in on the specific snapshot the “producer” didn’t cut and shout take two or take three?  Or do we look at how what was kept fits into the overall story?    If we look at a picture, do we remember the reason we laughed or cried?    Do we look at that moment and whisper you should see where time took you on its flight?

A scrapbook, a movie reel, a puzzle with pieces linked; chapters in a book that tell a story.   Or threads of yarn that stitch together each moment as it is lived.   Or the blending of ingredients to make the perfect homemade edible gift.  Or a composer that writes a song for an orchestra to play as one in harmony.   What ever the symbol, the days are the glue, the sacred key.

It was read once words that were similar as this; do not search for answers but seek the questions as you live.  Perhaps we have an opportunity to slow down honoring the truth in how time does fly.   Opportunity to be fully present in each day of our lives.   It is important to pause now and again and see how the moments are not coincidence or random in taking place.  Equally important is to trust and let each moment flow as it may.   It is a balance beam we walk between taking action and letting go; a balancing act between standing in place and stretching out of comfort in order to grow.   We need to have the bumps, the bruises, the moments in the movie when we feel inclined to look away from what is playing on the screen.   Equally blessed and grateful are we when the years reveal that those bumps were part of a complete, beautiful, and most wonderful story.

Time flies by, yet on each wing it bears a gift for us to receive.   One is to be aware so that we are more present in now and the other is to trust the future we cannot see.   May you find joy in embracing the flight of time, trusting its swoops and dives.   For when you pause and reflect what a day may not speak, in the years you will find abundant love weaved through everything.

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