Embracing Grey

For April 2 Blog

What do you think when you think of the color grey?   Do you feel like some who use it to refer to the kind of day?   When the sun is in retreat and the clouds are masking the sky of blue, do you find equally you are matching your mood?   Do you feel like a veil of low energy is wrapping you tight?   That motivation is resisting any urge to venture outside?

What if grey could be seen in a new way?   What if grey could be seen as a vibrant shade?   What can you think of that is grey positively?  How about a baby swan before it grows its white wings?

Or, if American money, what about a quarter, nickel, or dime?  Sure, they aren’t green, but they still hold delight.  Think of a child’s eyes standing at a bubble gum machine.  Or the way they shake a plastic Easter egg that holds a coined treat.   Or the value of grey when feeding the meter for the perfect front row parking that isn’t blocks away.   Or being the winner of tails or heads, depending on which shows when the flip is made.

Or we can think about the majestic greys of nature, such as a grey whale or a grey wolf, too.  We can also think about silver as a gray hue.   There are seashells and tree bark, there are mourning doves that coo peace.   There are cats, dogs, and horses that wear grey fashionably.  A squirrel, a rabbit, a fish, an owl – so many four-legged, finned, and winged.   The color grey adorning many an object, inanimate or living.

We love a black and white photo, elegance we often say.   Isn’t a black and white photo a variation of grey?  Maybe we wrap up in a cozy blanket of gray quilted down on those days it seems to gray to go outside.   Or the warm bowl of soup we eat is with a spoon of the silver kind.  Or for those who endure sweltering heat with little shelter or cool air, perhaps they would relish a day where the sun has been put in grey’s snare.

Maybe a variation of grey is the color of a vehicle for it shows less dirt than a bold red or blue.  Or grey is what makes one feel dapper when dressed in a fine pinstripe suit.  Now that you are looking around, prompted now to notice what is grey.   What else can you think of that starts to make this an appealing shade?

Ingrained in I as well a longing for the sun when the sky is neither blue nor dark with night.  Yet I ponder what I am missing and what I am not beholding because of my narrow sight.  For someone who sees a day as a gift no matter the sun, rain, or temperature degree, perhaps my focus on what isn’t or what I wish could be, is disrespecting their journey.   The individuals who see the people beside them and mother nature’s sprouting are focused first and foremost only on beauty.

I look again, and maybe it isn’t grey I actually see.  Variations of blues and whites sprinkled in gently.   Or, then again, maybe that grey is quite breathtaking.   It creates a backdrop for the limbs to stand out, for the buds not to spout too soon.  After all, there could be another harsh frost waiting to harm unfolding blooms.

So how about you, what do you see when the sun is hiding, and clouds cover the blue of the sky?  Perhaps there is another vantage point when you step outside.

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