April 9 blog

Like a sunflower, they too, turn to the warmth of the sun’s rays.   As they begin to grow, eagerly each turns their face.   The sun goes to sleep as the moon and stars take the stage.   Yet, though the sunlight hides for a time, these seedlings hold their faith.

Once tiny seeds, barely visible, tinier than a grain of sand.    The smallest of frames, yet still, for each, a purpose, a plan.  One can ponder which it might be.   Is it a force greater that whispers to the seed?  Or is it within the seed that germinates the dreams?

I like to think of it as a partnership, a joining of faith and love.  An agreement between the littlest of seeds and the Universe above.   The seed thinks I wish I may, I wish I might, and the Universe hears and then thinks now things I must organize.   The seed ponders and then decides finding soil is its next step it needs to take.   It doesn’t go searching for dirt but stands still and waits.  Behind the scenes the Universe is creating a plan for the soil and the seed to meet.    Wrapped together but not yet joined, the soil and seed begin their traveling.

The Universe rallies helpers to aid in fulfilling the seed’s dreams.   From one hand to another, the seed and the soil are moved along on their journey.  They don’t know when they will intersect, when each will begin to fulfill who they are each created to be.  Yet, they trust that when the time is right, there will be their joining.

On a day when the Universe whispers now, the soil and the seed unite.  The soil realizing its purpose as it holds the seed in its arm gently yet tight.  The seed sits still in the darkness, not afraid.  For it continues to listen to a whisper grow this way.   The seed then thinks of the next step it should make from here.  It’s find its soil and now it needs water and the sun to appear.

Fortunate for the seed, it is not in a climate where water is a luxury.  Abundant flowing of the water every day, a soft shower on this seed.  The sun plays peek-a-boo, at least what the seed first thinks.  In its youth, the seed doesn’t yet realize the sun and moon dance to a harmonious beat.  The water gladly fulfills its purpose as it keeps the soil moist for the seed.   With gratitude the seed continues to stretch past its comfort zone, pushing out and then up in reach.

Now it is the sun’s turn to smile joyfully.  For its purpose, too, is being lived, as it draws the seed into so very small sprouting leaves.  There is the soil, solid in its grounding for the seed to grow.  The water willing to slip into the background that the seed can be known.  The sun’s yellow and orange rays encourage the seed it is safe.  Shed your coat and stand tall little stem, its ok.

Roots still forming a sturdiness for the stem reaching for the sky.   The seed, now the stem, who dreams someday I will go outside.   For now, the stem will turn it’s face to the sun patiently.   The stem knows the sun has guided it this far, faith the sun will continue to guide the journey.

Parallels to life in the tiniest of things, like faith of a stem that was once the smallest of seeds.   Now I will ask for you to unfold your hand and look at what lies in the palm as barely a speck you can see.  Can you find it laying there, that tiny little seed?   What dream is held in that seed not yet sprouted, not yet finding the soil for its planting?  What wishes does that seed hold that only needs a tiny bit of water’s encouraging?  What desire does that seed seek that the sun longs to draw into the green of new beginnings?

Now open your other hand and in that palm what do you see?   Ah, right there waiting to partner with the seed.     Now in your hands to decide.     For faith and the seed to meet, is it time?


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