Interchange or Perhaps Inner-Change

For April 16 Blog

The flip of a switch, a before and an after, symbolic of the same thing.   A daily metamorphosis, unfolding like outstretched arms, or the spreading of wings.  Those moments which keeps us evolving, widening our zones of safety.   Those moments that widen our heart to deeper appreciating.    The inner shifting that moves us forward as it holds us firmly in place.    The foundation of our essence more solid as wisdom is gained.   The expansion and contraction, our sight widening to more vividly see.  That grandeur and majestic mountain views are in our daily living.    So simple and yet so miraculous the flip of a switch can be.  The more we let go, the more we gain abundantly.

The shifts don’t have to be monumental, major in their happenings.  They can happen from something as “simple” as a card received.  They can happen when watching how the wind has the strength to create mighty waves.   Or at how the sampling of a new recipe has the most amazing taste.   They can happen when feeling the warmth of a fireplace or campfire, or in the watch of the mesmerizing flames.  They can happen when a walk down memory lane one decides to take.

When an “every day” moment brings you pause and you start to see, hear, or feel differently, that is when the shift within is occurring.  Perhaps you think “ah-ha” or perhaps you feel a tingly sensation run like a current to your hands and your feet.  Or perhaps you had felt an anxiousness and now you feel a calm and peace.   Or perhaps it is the other way around and now you feel like you have been stirred awake to ponder and think.   Your mind and your heart are now reflecting on what feelings have started surfacing.  Perhaps you feel like you are watching yourself from a distance, while you are also experiencing the reality.   You extend your arm, your hand, your finger to touch delicately, and yet what you try to touch feels slightly out of reach.   Or perhaps it feels imperfect when you strive for perfectly.   Or you think you are focused on what you dream until you see and see again that your focus is trying to paddle you upstream.

The flip of a switch is the choice one can make.   Either shift in perspective or stay in place.   I think of an ice skater when they perform their upward spin so elegantly.   A twirl, faster, faster, rapidly and confidently.    An ice skater may spin five times or twelve, or they could decide not to add a spin into their routine.   The degree to which one shifts their lens in direct proportion to an opening heart, at least as I believe.   I say the heart as opening for I also believe that is the purpose of the shift within – to enable the heart to ever grow beyond whatever size it currently is.  If our heart isn’t expanding, a shift may still take place.   I would then argue the shift is moving one towards a more treacherous traveling way.   Darkness and light, fear and love, doubt and trust – each provide gears in which to shift through.  Towards which do you want to move?

Initially I looked at the on and off switch as how opposites are always teaching, how between light and dark we are always dancing.  But then I thought of how that flipped switch is the catalyst to change.  How when the switch is flipped, what we are looking at can be seen in a new way.  I think of standing at the switch deciding to flip the left one or the right.  The choice we make to remain in the dark, or to step closer to light.   And if we decide to flip a switch, for yes, it is always choice we take.  We may not control the darkness or the brightness, but how we react is our choice to make.   So, if we decide to flip a switch, we are then standing in that space of after, with before now history.  No longer the same, we begin to raise our wings.

Now imagine that you are folding those wings back towards where you are.   Like flying then landing, or the folding and scooping back in from unfolded arms.   Are you drawing back to yourself additional wisdom and peace?  What about love – are you encircling greater love nestled among the feathers of your wings?   Where are you given opportunity to shift and unfold?  Where do you have opportunity to let go of the old?  Do you have opportunity to downshift so that you can pause in neutral and look at the scenery?  Is what you are looking at stirring something within you differently?   Now, if you take ahold of the shifter, what is whispering to you?  If you stand at the light switch what do you want to do?   As you ponder your decision I will mention one more thing.   It is in the not knowing perfectly that makes the shifting a perfectly beautiful journey.

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