The Root for Snow’s Resting


Continued signs reinforcing a theme, this notion of opposition and balancing.    It is also like that of air that moves to the rhythm of our breathing in and out.  How there is an aspect of expanding and contracting, casting a net to then reel in the treasures found.   Perhaps it is like the graceful movement of a swimmer as they push their arms through the water to then draw them back.  Or, one might say on certain days it is the whale that shoots up out of the water, arching, then back under water with a very wide splash.

It is the dance between the eagerness for the sunrise, and the peacefulness of the sunset.   Feet moving between what isn’t wanted and what is, a wide-sweeping two-step.   A tango or a cha-cha swaying to and fro, what to grasp tighter to and what to let go.   When not in the arms of a strong tug and a harder pull, a glide or a waltz the gentle grace.  One-to-three-four, one-to-three four, a slow and steady pace.   It is a magnet that draws in more according to what we see.   Does one see a root covered by cold snow or does one see a branch providing security?

Think about something in which you feel you are “fighting” for, against, or with.   Now pause, and ask yourself, is how you are perceiving creating more of what you resist?   Is your fear or your frustration causing you to see through that same lens of what you wish “was not” or what caused you pain?  Perhaps looking for “proof” is a way to stay in a comfort zone, to feel safe in that familiar hurting place?   Think of a magnet and how it is attracted like for like.   If it meets its opposite, the magnet and the object do not join.  If we want to “fight” fighting with peace, is there a chance that perhaps our “fight” is drawing in more of that which opposes serenity?    If we desire trust, could there be this possibility?  That to increase our faith, we need to stop looking at what tests our capability to believe?

This root and this branch, snow covered white one day and then the next day, Spring green.   Through Mother Nature’s change, they remain steady.   Perhaps we could learn from these two in how they flow with what life brings.  Is it possible that how the snow fell on the root was based on what the root was attracting?   And not that the snow held greater power as one might tend to think?    Could it be possible the snow disappeared not only because the temperature helped it leave?  Could it be possible that the root and bough also played a part in their own release?

What if the root and the bough chose to look the other way?  Maybe they were offering the snow a place to rest before it went on its way.   Maybe now you are giggling for that is counter to how you think about snow.   Ah, but that is what it means to look at things different from what we think we know.   By looking at the root and the bough, I anticipate the snow started to fade out of view.   What might you be able to look at within your own life scenery to see anew?

Is there something you continue to draw in like a magnet, yet wish you would attract to yourself differently?    You can – within you is the key.    It begins with your choice – what do you see?    Are you a magnet drawing in hope, faith, or peace to oppose hopeless, distrust, or disharmony?  Or are you focusing so much on the hopeless, distrust, and disharmony, hope, faith, and peace remain in the back seat?

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