No Ordinary Day

For April 30 blog

Saturday was an extraordinary day to say the least!   In fact, if I pause and think about it – lately extraordinary has been a reoccurring theme.   I’m certainly not a movie star who knows the feel of the red carpet beneath their feet.  Nor a member of a band that sells out every concert seat.   Yet, if I were to imagine how far from ordinary these famous people feel when in the limelight, I am certain it is that same exceptional feeling I have been able to find.

Let me tell you about how magnificent Saturday was from daybreak to the moon’s winking eye.  It included time on the trail with my four-legged running mate by my side.   The cinder trail the red carpet, and my running mate the body guard ensuring fans in the form of squirrels stay behind the line.  The sun bright, the peeping frogs the lead singers of the band, the paired geese and sand hill cranes the back-up singers as they fly by.    Center stage with Nature, our hearts in harmony.   To affirm her joy, my running mate turned and smiled at me.

The extraordinary did not stop, spilling next to ingredient shopping for a play date with the kitchen bowls and spoons.   Measuring, stirring, dicing, making, and baking I would next get to do.   Some believe the kitchen is the heart of a home, and I must agree.    Many a loved one I see the face of when I am deciding which recipe.   On this far from ordinary day I was thinking of two loved ones as the pizza crust was starting to rise.   These particular loved ones know that pizza as one of the four basic food groups helps the body thrive.

The extraordinary continued to overflow with deliveries.   Being able to surprise others in giving brings back so much more for us to receive.   Smiles, hugs, conversation, and most of all the knowing.  That nothing else is more important than a gesture that communicates you matter to me.   A bouquet of flowers or a slice of pie to go with pizza are not the diamond-studded dresses on a red-carpet runway.   But in their simplest form these small gifts give far more than a fleeting star’s arm wave.   What makes these deliveries even more extraordinary is that they may not soon be forgotten, etched in the hearts of both the giver and receiver permanently.   Unlike a one-hit wonder whose single song can become a distant memory.

The extraordinary day continued with an evening walk with my family.   Then a covering up of these tiny buds during a frosty night’s sleep.  These tiny buds on a small weeping cherry tree, not bold and larger than life.  Yet, their ability to grow despite colder weather a testament to their might.   Extraordinarily beautiful when in full bloom, far from ordinary in their shades of white and pink.   Thankfully we were not in a hurry to the next thing.   Safe from frost, all the blossoms are unfolding breathtakingly.

Perhaps you wonder where is the extraordinary.  Perhaps to you it sounds so very familiar, a day in the life of ordinary.   I then must ask is there a moment or two you missed as you hurried to the next place you needed to be?   Is there a smile from a tiny one that you didn’t catch because you were multi-tasking?    Did an idea come to mind that you thought would be fun to do, especially because it involved surprising someone who matters to you?  And did you ignore that idea because there were too many other things of urgency?   I will now ask, were they really higher in priority?   Or was it a comfort zone, a familiar habit, a “should” or “shouldn’t” inner voice that was in your driver’s seat?  Are you walking the red carpet of your life waving at a sea of faces without fully seeing who is looking back?  Do you have an opportunity to pause and spend more time with each fan as you walk the carpeted path?

Is there a chance to see your Saturday differently?   Perhaps if you look again, you will see where it is extraordinary.

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