How a Diamond Gets it Shine

For June 4 Blog

An “old-fashioned” map printed to find one’s way to a newly built section of the city.  Directions to locate a newer place that practices elements of ancient holistic healing.    The old meeting the new, the new meeting the old, and then there is in between.    In that middle is the turns of the diamond to find its best sheen.

With map in hand and map in seat, I also had the directions verbally.  Right, and right again at the Walgreens the local resident had instructed me.   And, because there is power in three, I also found I could have Plan C.  The local resident could translate the address I had in hand to the one that matched the newly developed area I was traveling to.  Entering this new address into my phone was the third measure that getting lost was something I wouldn’t do.

Each option for directions not new to me. Quite familiar with verbal, printed, and modern technology.   The new was the where, and the roads that would get me there.   Roads not traveled, roads never seen.  How the road curved or went up and down and straight were a mystery.  I, in the middle between the familiar and the unfamiliar, having a choice in how I would travel the roads before me.  I could trust, or I could be nervous, I could wish I knew or I could be grateful for the fun of curiosity.    I could focus straight ahead to the destination, or I could enjoy the current scenery.

I chose trust, I chose curious, I chose to enjoy every mile along the way.   In this particular moment, I knew no matter the unknown I was in the right place.   In a different situation or a different moment in time I might have danced between nervous and faith until I reached where I was meant to go.   After all, we need those feelings in opposition to best transform and grow.   In that middle, in that dance between, is how the diamond in the rough starts to reveal its glisten and shine.   The pull of doubt falls into the mud at the tug of trust, the arm of fear poised to wrestle courage loses its fight.   Bravery and faith mightier than their opponents, a diamond’s dullness fades as its prisms catch the light.

How about for you, where do you feel in between?  Where might you find you are between the old and the new rotating and turning?   Do you have one side of a rope pulling you towards uncertainty while the other side is tugging at you to trust what you can’t see?    What if you were to envision that you were standing on a balance beam that moves up and down ever so slightly?   And what if that beam only finds its balance when two sides are opposing?    Sure, always standing on the side of trust, for example, is the side of the beam you seek.  But what would you learn if you never had doubt’s gentle nudging?

Now that you are imagining that you move on the balance beam always trying to bring it to center so that it is not too much one way or the other in its tipping.    You are finding you are having fun, aren’t you, moving back and forth, increasingly effortlessly?   No longer are you scared, are you, each time the beam moves left and right like a metronome.  In fact, it looks like if you find it becoming straight, you start seeking more ways to grow.     Or, like that diamond that begins to take shape, increasing in value at every spin.   If it wasn’t turned in circles, it’s brilliance might be missed.

The next time you find that you are dancing between the old and the new or what you wish wasn’t with what you wish would be, may you remember that a diamond only becomes luxurious through the spin between cloudy and a brilliant sheen.

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