Power Surge

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It began as an inconvenience, a momentary UGH to the start of the day.  A power surge then no power in the middle of the shower’s refreshing spray.   Two choices, one decision, well, actually, four choices and decisions totaling two.  The first decision was do I wait for the power to come back on or is my shower through?   And the second pair of choices was do I let this turn my day upside down or do I decide to make the most of the least?

Decision one was that the shower was over and decision two was to keep the day upright without adopting negativity.    It didn’t seem right to fuel lost power with frustration or anger energy.   I was not hurt; I was safe.   No one was trying to “ruin” my plans for the day.   Electricity, like Mother Nature, is in the driver’s seat.    The best I can do is buckle in and let what I can’t control take the lead.

Left out the driveway towards the errands that were awaiting me.   The closer to the errands, the grayer the skies appeared to be.    Errand one, park, into the door unsuspectingly.   Get what I need, back outside, a dance with raindrops my treat.   The humor not lost on me that I now have the rest of my shower taking place.   Lots of rushing water now sideways at my face.

As I walk – very quickly – from the back of my vehicle I am greeted by an umbrella in tow.   Carried by the driver next to me, someone I did not know.  Instead of continuing his way he extends the umbrella over me.   He retraces his steps until I am securely – and dryly – sitting in the driver’s seat.   This wonderful act of kindness would not have been fully received if I had made a different choice in my reaction to halted electricity.   If I had made the choice to retain a disgruntled attitude, the darkness would have certainly continued.  Instead, I found goodness shining brightly in a kind gesture and smiling eyes.   I found gratitude for the rain heavily falling from the sky.

Two more errands and then a circle back, this time a turn to the right.  Three hours later, and two miles to go before home in sight.  My fingers crossed when I walked through our door there would be light.   The sign on the road read workers ahead, the signal to slow down and watch for the crew.   As I came around the curve, I did not expect my view.

The power company work crew busy clearing power lines from overbrush.  I did not envy their work in the heat, mud, briars and swarms of bugs.    Two gentlemen working proactively; their hard work ensuring future electricity.    I saw the crutches first before I saw the gentleman using both for a brace.  As I got closer, I then saw what wasn’t in place.   This hard-working gentleman did not have a leg from his knee to where his foot would be.    Humbled in an instant at this dignified man in front of me.

I do not have the honor of knowing his story – perhaps a veteran soldier who bravely served our country.  Or perhaps it was an accident or maybe a result of a disease.   The how not important, the circumstances secondary.     The most important is my honor that I was able to witness such profound dignity.

How blessed we are when moments don’t go according to our “perfect” plan A.  When we come to a fork in the road and we must choose left, right, or straight.   I am grateful the power flashed and then stilled all in our home that needed it to operate.   I am grateful that I got caught in a downpour of rain.  I am grateful that inner whisper said take the other road instead of the road I typically take home.   Because home went dark I was given the opportunity to see.    In this world is some very extraordinary humanity.


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