Trusting the Rain Not Seen

For July 9 Blog

Her bravery in her words I did not want to choose the road I could see down in how it would be.  I wanted to choose a road I did not know how the path would unfold before me.    Her words a reoccurring theme of late; only look as far ahead as the next step about to take.   Certainly, have a goal, or two, or many that call to you.  Balance this with trust in the flow of life; let come what may, allow the surprise.   Stand on the edge of comfort zones frequently; widen the zone in which you stand periodically.

I ponder when this stream was smaller, when it’s edges were not so wide.  I wonder how often it stretched its banks, expanding each of its sides.   I wonder if it continued to reach forward or if its beginning and its end have remained the same.  I marvel at its faith that at the right time it will be replenished with the rain.

Do you think this stream frets when the water starts to recede?  Or do its years of experience keep it calm, waiting patiently?   I think of the recent rains that brought saturation and flooding.   Was the overflow of water too much for this tiny stream?  Did it long to cry out enough or did it find a way to drink rapidly?   Perhaps it was in this extreme that the stream chose to expand its comfort zone.  Or maybe it was easy for the stream to widen, in that way that nature “just” seems to know.

Perhaps the stream’s wisdom knows that flood and drought work in harmony, that both are needed for life’s flourishing.   Perhaps it is for the stream’s rejuvenation that the drought visits for a time.  Or perhaps the surrounding plants need the stream’s temporary dryness to thrive.  The plants thankful for the stream’s outstretched arms holding abundant water after a rain.   And then after the plants are replenished, they need a water break.

Or perhaps there is a new seedling that desires to grow; opportunity to do so if the stream is quiet in its flow.   The stream’s pause provides a foundation for new possibilities.  Perhaps the stream will decide to move slightly to the right making room for the seed’s sprouting.   Both together creating a new path, one that at the moment is not yet seen.

How about for you – where do you feel trusting like the stream?  Is there a part of your creek bank where you are doubting?   When life isn’t flowing in a direction you had planned or dreamed, are you able to wait patiently for the next rain’s reprieve?   Can you stand in the unknown with your arms open wide, open to the times it will rain and when it will be dry?  Can you trust that you have and will always have all that you need in every moment of every day?    In the drought and in the rain, how well can you flow in faith?





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