Three Reflective Opportunities


For July 30 Blog

Last week the power of three was surrounding me; three sand hill cranes, three deer, and three blackbirds one early morning greet.   These nine messengers the seed planters for me to open my ears and eyes farther yet.   To increase my awareness to what else might get verbally said.   To expand my eye sight across the wider horizon for what else I might see.  Like the momma deer and her fawn playing hide-and-seek in the field of beans.

Three different statements crossed my path last week, each providing a reflective opportunity.  Because I thought you might also enjoy a pause to think about what your answers would be, I’ll share these three statements for you to ponder for you what they mean.

The first was one of those lighted signs that scroll messages for passers-by to read.  It said Have a Great with the remainder of the light no longer shining.   Now, perhaps your mind immediately went to Day.  For me, I decided to have a little fun imagining other things to say.   Like, have a great trip or have a great smile.    Or what if it read have a great lunch; make sure to sit awhile.   Or what if it was missing a few words and not just one after great?   What if it was meant to read have you remembered that you are a great parent, or have you remembered that you are a great teammate?    Or what if it was a deeper-thinking sign and it was trying to say have a great life?  Or perhaps it was trying to say have you remembered that life is not a destination, but a great journey in which to have a wonderful time. 

The second statement was from a conversation with a dear soul walking hand in hand with a friend though she often feels this friend is foe.  This particular friend is one that I anticipate most if not all of us have had the chance to know.    This dear soul is walking with Grief having had her mother pass from Earth physically.   This dear soul wisely referenced her mother’s dear words when her mother, too, had known what it was to walk in linked arms with Grief.  It is getting softer now, the pain, for pain never leaves; it just finds a way to soften around the edges so that once again you can find a way to breathe. 

Once again, I began reflecting on softer and where softer has played a part for me.   I pondered my own walks with Grief and the times I may have dug my nails into its hand rather harshly.   And then I smiled at where, I too, have released my tight grip because I am…softening.   I am reminded of a quote I like from an unknown author that reads H.O.P.E; hold on pain ends.  From this dear soul’s sentiments shared with me, I think it is time for me to amend.   Perhaps it is H.O.P.E; hold on pain eases instead of an implication it may dissolve completely away.    I like the visual that this rose picture invokes – the heart encased.  Soft petals folded around it gently holding it safe.

The third statement was from someone sharing about redefining.  It was in the context of self-transformation and reshaping identity.    A statement you may be quite familiar with and have reflected on many a time.   I am, and what words would you use to complete the line?   What words would make it to the top of your list and what words would fall lower towards fifteen or twenty-five?   To what extend would you see some of those words as an essence of you?  Are there any words on that list that if life changed and removed one of those words you wouldn’t know what to do?

Do you feel balanced when you review the words, a healthy relationship between I am, and I happen to know how to?  Or is what you would say in what you know how to do feel more like your defined you?  For example, would you say I am adventurous and I happen to know how to rock mountain climb?  Or would you answer instead I am a rock mountain climber and I happen to also know how to sky dive?   And if you no longer rocked climbed or jumped from heights, who would you be?   Would you feel whole still, or now incomplete?    It is a fine line isn’t it, between I am and our parts, those things that are a part of us but are not the only things we are.

Now I have payed forward to you the power of three.   Enjoy your reflections on what for you each of these statements may mean.


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