Air Current Serenade


For August 6 Blog

Yesterday I was reminded how much I enjoy feeling the currents of air as they wave cool, warm, cool in only a few hundred feet.   Felt when one is riding as passenger on a motorcycle seat.   Thermometers were reading north of ninety degrees, yet on our scenic ride the most refreshing breeze.   Flowing as one with up-hills, downhills, and straight a-ways; a oneness as we rode through the air’s serenade.

At one point during the peak of the heat, the air decided the sun should have center stage.    Cool and cooler sitting down so that warm and hotter could back up sun’s rays.   Moments later, a turn left and a turn right, and cool and cooler were now the duet to sing.   Backed up by the cascading canopy of many leaves.    The closer the trees to the road, the more inviting the air we traveled through.    The air against our arms more enjoyable the closer we were to tree’s roots.

I started to think about how these trees were leaning in at just the “right” time.  When we were ready for it to not be so warm the trees were by our side.   Then I started to think about the steadiness of these trees.  Through wind, snow, and rain, their base unwavering.     The trees the grounding to balance the air when it needs a firm base.  And yet, the air what the trees need when their time to sway.

Last week I heard a powerful message about balancing, about a time to be still and a time for exploring.   What made it more meaningful was that the communicator wasn’t reinforcing that wisdom is synonymous with age.     Adventure seeking and being wise take place at any life stage.   A yearning to explore and peace in the present, equally.   Ah, and the joy of the dance in between to find harmony.

The air and the trees a duet reinforcing in their equally wise way, freedom in flight while keeping rooted in place.   Sometimes the air stronger, the leaves no longer still against their branched home.  And sometimes the limbs join in the dance, a frenzied move to and fro.   And then other times the trees stronger in their shade.  Their branches the air’s relief on a hot day.    The joy of the dance between the two.  The currents of air, cool, warm, cool.

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