Stars, Sun, Night Dancing, Morning Greeting


If I had the tool kits as certain of my friends do, the starry sky you would also see.   Yet, then again, if I, too, had cameras as my dear friends do, I’d miss seeing the world differently.   For each of them provide the gift of looking through a lens at life’s extraordinary beauty; each providing in their own unique ways portraits of majesty.

Instead I will do my best to communicate my view that looks void of color on this page. Oh, far from it the sky does glisten as I admire and gaze.  Enhanced by meteors as actresses and actors trying their best to play their part.  Each movement as if on which to make a wish – a shooting star.  I also ponder those glistening lights moving rapidly.  The ones that are transporting people to where they seek to be.   Who is going home and who is leaving?  How long their duration once they arrive to Point B?

Under these stars in a very vast sky, I yet again marvel at the magic of opposites in life.  I am seeing a glimpse of a galaxy as large as infinity.   Space wider than I can begin to perceive.   I am also thinking of a friend who planted a seed when she nudged that this weekend would be perfect for tent camping.  And while I stare into this expansiveness, it is as if there is no space between us, her right next to me.

I look up at the stars and I think of the Hawk I saw earlier in the morning.  His guardianship keeping watch as he perched high in a tree.    I reflect how many of these stars are also doing the same tonight of Ginger and I.  As I look up, I am certain looking down for our safety are many an eye.  In the small space just enough for Ginger and I to curl up nestled where mosquitos can serenade us but not reach, I close my eyes knowing this vast space holds us in safe keep.

Now it is morning and the stars have retreated for their sleep.  Aw, another of life’s magic in opposites in this morning’s greet.  Ginger and I now awake to begin our day.   The stars’ time to slumber as we go and play.    The stars rest knowing that daybreak now has our backs to guide the steps we take.   The mourning doves, blue heron, robins, geese, frogs, wood ducks, and other song birds are affirming in their calls and wings, we will take watch now on behalf of the stars now fast asleep.

Still looking up, still in awe of the space far and wide, oh so very far indeed.  I smile at the truth light can never be extinguished.   Even in the darkness of the sky, light finds a way to shine.   If you can’t see, then look for the opposite through the closing of your eyes.  When you close your eyes and let your heart see, ah, there they are…the most beautiful twinkling.


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