Daylight’s Stars


Inconsequential to many passing by if even seen.  After all, the informal not so affectionate description reads “weed”.    Yet, because the tiniest of things in our sight can be the farthest from ordinary, my running mate and I paused as the shape whispered see.

I couldn’t help thinking that I was beholding stars with my eyes.   Each five-point purple flower a twinkle in daylight’s shine.  Maybe because I am observing these stars on the eve of what would have been my father’s seventy-first birthday.  Further, because of my belief that those no longer on Earth still walk beside the steps we take.  Stars that watch us above also providing reminders they also are vigilant through the sun’s rays.  Or perhaps it’s “simply” how I choose to see the world around me.  Whatever the prompting, I find these “stars” extraordinary.

I reflect on many a bicyclist that pedaled past these messengers without a second glance.  I ponder what else might be getting missed as they move quickly past?   Like a rush through a day when we miss the subtle signs that have much to speak?  How many purple stars could we be missing?

I respect that Nature is not a best friend to everyone’s soul.  Not everyone finds trees, rivers, and critters that “home” away from home.   I have a wish, though, for those who could immerse for hours at their desk as they design the next building.  Or who can sit on the piano bench continually practicing.   My hope is that they can see, hear, and feel the messages spoken without words in angles and lines of that drawing.  That in the musical notes and black and white keys there is a trust and an inner certainty.    An angle, a square, an octave, a minor key, all have the power to be a purple five-point star whispering oneness…peace.   Trust, never alone, nothing in life is ordinary.  All things in life are consequentially extraordinary.

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