Mirror Mirror, What Reflections are Seen?


He arrived first, striving to blend into the grasses to the right.  To catch an unsuspecting fish his primary line of sight.   Only when Ms. Doe and her babe came closer did he decide left was a better scene.    Glad to share the pond’s nourishing water with the deer coming to drink, while holding still to obtain dinner his priority.

Inches from the water, his reflection shimmering as serenely as the pond’s unmoving state.  Both of them several feet from the water, also casting their images against the pond’s unmoving waves.   I marveled at the beauty, the double view of Mother Nature’s gifts.   I also started to ponder if the Heron could see himself as he searched for his fish.   Was the pond a mirror in which he could look in to and see?  Or was he unaware of what picture he was giving me?

I was certain the deer were unaware of the tan glow their bodies were casting.  Not even looking into the water, yet their shadows reproduced in a gold glistening.   As these graceful, gentle souls also focused on their dinner, the leaves and grasses their fine cuisine, I was able to observe these deer not just once but in duplicity.   It became fun to focus more on their reflections in the water, to witness their slow and steady physical walks in eloquent speak.   BE in the moment, BE the pond whispering.

These deer not focused on who might be watching from a dining room window as they meander along where the yard and woods meet.   And because the deer are following their naturalness, at any given moment who they are being is “okay” to be seen.   I wonder if us humans, kindred to these four-legged souls can say the same?   Do we wonder what others think with each step we take?  And if we aren’t focused on the view we are giving others, what reflection is glimmering on our surroundings?   Will an observer behold a reverence in the beauty seen?

What shadows are cast from us as we move throughout our days?     Do you think people see serenity like these mirror reflections on the pond’s still waves?  Or do they see frantic movements hurrying from shore to shore quicker than the wind that might gust suddenly?    Do people see you being, BE-ing, present in now and true to your authenticity?   Perhaps people only see a portion, like the fawn whose safety is still found behind its momma in hiding.

If I hadn’t seen momma and her fawn single file before they blended together, what would I miss in the reflection I see?    Would I only see a portion, not fully noticing?   Or, then again, Mother Nature flows in perfect rhythm, providing each moment at the “right” moment exactly as it should be.    If I hadn’t seen the fawn separate, I would see the reflection exactly as it was meant for me.    At the “perfect” time I would see and see again, noticing more than four feet.   And then I would tuck into my treasure chest another opened gift I just received; my eyes, ears, mind, and heart opened wider for the next time a mirror reflects extraordinary beauty.




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