Heart Speak




It has become her number one focus, next to us, of course.  Borderline relentless she is to get to IT as IT rests outside the door.   In that range of time between 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. convincing us she was hungry was her priority.  She also relished keeping us company on her blanket nearby when it was our time to eat.   Now in that same window of time is her discernment which would be the better of two choices she must make.   Stay inside with us while we dine or go outside to be near IT while trying her best to patiently wait.   She knows the “rule” that IT cannot come inside.  Oh, such a dilemma that creates in her mind.

IT is a tennis ball that a kind soul gave to her a few weeks ago.  Having a tennis ball not new, but for some reason this one became gold.    Actually, IT is not the exact one, for that first one was carried and tossed one too many times.    Fortunately for us, Replacement One and Replacement Two have both worked just fine.   She tries her best to sneak IT inside or to give us her very best PLEASE eyes.   Always she is met with the same answer that ball stays outside.  I do think she could win an academy award in those moments when she lets out her but…oh, alright, sigh.

Today she proved yet again what I know to be true.   Souls in fur coats understand the language us humans use.   Let me first say “inside” and “outside” refer to the entry door into home.  It is always inside that door she insists IT should go.   With that being said, fast forward to us arriving back to our driveway and she in reunion with IT between her teeth.    As she eagerly sang to IT, I made my way to the garage with her – and IT – shadowing.    I didn’t pay attention as she came into the garage with me; my notice was when we went to walk out that IT could not be seen.

Because I know she understands my verbal words, I began asking her to find IT inside.   Oh, I knew it would not be a good situation to go out the door leaving IT behind.    Eyes looked back at me as if I was the kid and she the adult, and she the wise one with me as silly mom.    Steps in front of me towards the doorway she marched until her head and neck crossed the frame.   Then she ducked down, raised up, and showed me how IT was safe.    After all, mom, IT can’t come inside, right – that is what you always remind me?   So, I left IT outside while I kept watch that you would stay in safe keep.   

The garage and IT would get along, for the garage floor likes dirt too.   Yet, she was following the same indoor/ outdoor “rule”.   I often marvel at her wisdom, at her “knowing”.   I hope I never lose that awe of all that she speaks.    As sophisticated as we are as humans in learning multiple languages, I sometimes think we have forgotten the magnificent power of simplicity.   I ponder if we are missing one key, that one key she has that I can only hope someday to achieve.

Sure, she listens – one only needs to see a picture of her raised ear to know that she does, indeed.   But, listening more than speaking, though important for us humans, is not that key.     She is watchful, yes, that is true, too.   Taking the time to observe more is something us humans can also do.   Yet, that is not the key I am referring to either, though, again, seeing and seeing again is an important trait.    No, the key I am referring to, I believe, is what gives hearing and seeing their strengths.

She looks past my faults, my imperfections, and she sees directly into the essence of me.   In her eyes, I am unconditionally accepted for “simply” BE-ing.    That unconditional acceptance, from my perspective, is the key.   My mind may be taking the lead in a given moment when I speak, yet with her eyes a mirror of her heart, she looks past if the moment doesn’t happen to her initial liking.  Her eyes into my soul, she listens with trust, compassion, and no judgment for her greatest joy is whatever makes my heart joyful, too.  Even if that means she and IT aren’t allowed together “inside” the same room.

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