Triangle Points and the Power of Y

Another day awakening as my feet felt the dew covered balcony.   Race day, the buzzer’s start in two hours and counting.   Another state soon to be checked, one state closer to the goal of fifty.

Nine months ago we thanked Arizona for hosting our goal.  Sunshine, warmth, red mountains, and ah, no winter snow.   Missouri and Michigan far from our minds as we drank in the short-sleeve weather heat.    Midwest to West, from  North and South, a triangle made with Phoenix.

Today our race East, this time North and South a trio with an ocean view.   Up hills, down hills, coves, and Fall not yet displaying its many hues.    The air crisp with another season’s turn as summer takes a step towards sleep.   Yet the sun still warm, not yet hiding behind a screen of cold breeze.   A believer in the power of three, we laugh at the signs there may be more than we see.  A doorway to floor three reads enter through door four.  An elevator for level three reads push the button for the second floor.  Yet, as solid as the asphalt under each step of our feet, never lost nor ever derailed each mile of our journey.

Perhaps it is wisdom that comes with age, as they say.   Or perhaps it is life continuing to show us it rushes rapidly, in a variety of ways.    We have dear friends who are experiencing that quick turn of a dime where life becomes before and after and never the same.   We continue to be shown the precious value of every single day.  I’ve often ran to the mantra that included “not the destination; remember it is the journey”.   If I was anxious for a next green mile marker, this mantra would stop my hurrying.  Back into the present I would strive to bring my mind and my body.   I ponder how many times my soul had to run to catch up to my mind not quite listening?

Today my focus was on the journey in between.  “You only have to focus on the path in this current mile” my internal whispering.   Sure the ultimate goal of reaching thirteen and a bit more was also motivating. Yet, the only thing I needed to see, hear, feel, and react to was the next step in front of me.  I didn’t need to fret about two miles from now or that long up hill that lay in wait.   I “only” had to think about now and trust I would have the support I needed when I might get challenged in my gait.

I thought about running East, running West, and the power of star points from the power of three. After all, that is what we have been forming as we travel for our destination running.   I can see the stars I drew as a child, a north point, a left point, a right point, and two slightly turned to the South to make five.   No matter our roads traveled separate, our paths merge in radiant light.

I also thought about the image I had the other day of an X and a Y.   Imagine your arms are the top of the X and your legs the bottom, with your left and your tight symbolic of a pendulum swing.  Symbolic, too, of when we find ourselves in opposing emotions like trust and worry.  Now imagine as you come to center, trusting, your legs close to be the base of the Y.  Your arms symbolic of your heart open wide.   What happens if worry is winning, your arms close tight, like a Y inverting. Your heart closed unable to hear trust knocking.   Today I think the Y was running joyfully next to me.   Or maybe that was a hand in mine though she was ahead a few feet.   A point to the star always anchoring, the power of three through sun’s warm glistening.

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