Snow Speaks


How is the quote written that ponders the mystery of a tree?  To the effect, if no one is in the woods, can the tree still be heard as it is breaking?    This quote came to mind not about the trees that surrounded me.  In the woods, as the snow flakes danced through the sky, I could hear a symphony.   Okay, it wasn’t flutes, nor harps, nor a cello complimenting the piano keys.   It was the sound of snow as it landed on the fallen leaves.

I’ve tended to think snow is silent and wind its voice to communicate.    Without wind, snow tends to fall with gentle grace.  Sure, sometimes snow is bold in its stealth as it grows inches and sometimes feet.  Often, those who live in a snow belt find it sneakiest while we sleep.   When waking up to have to shovel a drive or brush off a vehicle window before leaving, we don’t always put the word gentle in the same sentence with what our mind thinks.   Instead our sentence might include cold, dislike, delayed, and slippery.

As the snow flakes met the leaves, a soft hum echoed a melody.  Some cry tears that no one ever sees.   I reflected on people, who in their deepest grief, have kept their pain veiled.    Internal conversations repeat such words as no one will understand and I have failed.    I think about the snowflakes, each unique in size and shape.  Yet, there is an unspoken understanding as they collectively cascade.

To combine, to accumulate, to help Fall transition into sleep.   To blanket the ground, to usher in Winter’s white canopy.    Imagine if snowflakes could talk in a language us humans use.  Oh, how they must celebrate when they are able to stick together like glue.  Yet, the beauty of snowflakes is that even when they melt, they still fulfill their calling.    Their ultimate fulfillment is replenishment of the Earth when all of them melt in the Spring.   Their tear drops are Nature’s nourishing.

If someone emotionally hurting let their tears flow for others to see, I ponder who might benefit from hearing the soft and courageous weep?



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