As the Ice Solidifies

For December 10 Blog

It is not the same year over year, the timing of when ice becomes the blanket for the lake.  Some years the ice arrives, then leaves, and might reappear or may stay away.   Some years the blanket is thick, snow the downy filling that covers the open water in a solid state.  One year the blanket was so clear, it appeared like cellophane.  Today I notice the blanket is a blending.  Some patches are quilted white and other squares clear and shiny.

Today the ice had a message to teach.   A message of trust the key.    There is a test that always occurs before stepping onto the ice.   An ice spade or an ice auger ensures the thickness is just right.   When the ice is deemed safe, one can walk or stand on the ice solidly.  Sometimes when standing, the ice will begin talking.    The sound of cracking ice will echo through the trees.   It means the ice is growing thicker, though the mind starts doubting.

I think of trust and doubt and the dance we do in-between.   Perhaps there are times we doubt then things fall into place and we question why were we worrying?    Sometimes we are trusting and then life changes in a blink.  A moment goes sideways or upside down and we find ourselves best friends with doubting.   Sometimes it may feel like the tango, a rapid dance between uncertainty and belief.  Or perhaps you are certain you are on a roller coaster, raised hands and then the…scream.

I am reminded of my perspective that to know the depth of a positive emotion, we must experience the journey traveling from the other side.  Joy, for example, cannot be fully known without experiencing sadness for a time.   Hope is fully appreciated when we’ve known hopeless, too.    Fill in the blank with an emotion that resonates most for you.   Like trust and doubt, uncertainty and believing.   If we don’t journey from doubt, we won’t experience the triumph when trust takes the lead.

Like the tests of the ice periodically, so, too, we are tested routinely.   And, like the ice that has grown thicker from test to test until we find a solid base, so, too, our trust comes quicker when a doubting test we face.   Sure, we always need to test the ice – we can’t take for granted something hasn’t changed.   We have experiences to draw upon that has taught us how to confirm the ice is safe.

My wish for you the next time you are oscillating between doubt and trust is that you find peace in the journey in between.   May you also find comfort knowing that if you didn’t have doubt, trust wouldn’t feel as rewarding.    Just think, if you didn’t get to observe the ice forming, you would miss the exhilaration when on top of it you can begin walking.

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