Take it a Little Farther


When brown is the dominant color it might obscure surroundings.  At second glance, one might notice the yellow hues past the trees.  At third glance one might notice the gray limb that has long since fallen from its base.   Or maybe that is fourth glance as one first notices the sky-blue haze.    Perhaps the purple is noticed, but eyes quickly turn the other way.  After all, it is “only” a briar that is awaiting a Spring day.

Perhaps because hope is a passion that runs deep in me, I tend to draw across my path those who are finding that hope struggles to breath.    This week my heart hurt for a courageous friend who could only do one thing; give to her best friend unconditional love as she whispered, I will miss you so, you have been a guardian angel to me.  I love you, my heart is yours, it is okay to leave Earth now, may you go in peace. 

I walked past another soul whose eyes spoke what he had no words to say.   I am not worthy of someone’s love today.   His loneliness smothering his spirit, holding captive his will to believe.   This dear soul had acquired certain labels to define his personality.   These labels only part of his essence – he so much more.  Yet, like a briar, he tends to get judged for his thorns.     Surrounding him is the various shades of brown, yellows, and blues.   All of these “this time of year” expected hues.   Ah, but though I don’t know this soul – he is a stranger that I had the chance to walk by ever so briefly.  I am so very certain beneath his initial appearance is the most breath-taking purple one could ever see.

I am reminded of the words from a movie watched recently.  Tragedy and death were part of the theme.    The story rich in the elements I so deeply believe about love, sorrow, loss, dying and living.   How death is not goodbye, and we give purpose to tragedy and death “too soon” by how we choose to live.    In each downturn of life is opportunity to unveil love’s deeper gifts.   She whispered you go now and give me a beautiful life!   He prepared to leave knowing into her eyes he was looking for the last time.  The movie Life Itself draws to a close with this essence of hope.  If we take the story a little farther, if we go far enough, there is love! 

If we look past the brown leaves no longer red, orange, and maroon since winter’s natural decay.  As we look wide, far, narrow, and close, we have opportunity to see in new ways.    We can see a landscape at rest patiently waiting for winter to finish its unpredictability.   Or we can see a landscape void of color, choosing to see bleak and unappealing.   We don’t have to ignore what we know about a briar, proceeding cautiously.   We also don’t have to discount it because we already know what it is, or isn’t, or so we think.

Hope abounds, if we choose to believe.   There is always more to a soul than what we initially perceive.  Everyone has a story with chapters that include fear and insecurity.  What if we make a choice to take the story a little farther – either within ourselves, from our sorrows, or with those we meet?   Is it possible that if we step just a little bit closer, we will find a most treasured gift, unconditionally?  What if right around the corner is love, extending its hand for ours also reaching?

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