Piecing Together


It has been quite some time since an actual puzzle called to me.   Though I think often of puzzles, it has been only in analogy.   Puzzle pieces that complete the picture of our lives.  A puzzle piece snaps into place each moment in time.   That inner whisper called take time to put a puzzle together for it may further teach about life’s flow.   What else might the process of a puzzle taking shape communicate that would be beneficial to know?

I start with selection to find the pieces that have at least one straight side.   Four pieces might have two sides for down and up and across left and right.   My thought is that if I focus on building the foundation, I then have a solid base.  Sturdiness, security, guideposts, an anchoring in place.  Other pieces are turned right side up while placed to the side of where the puzzle will take shape.    In the background until their time they remain.

This was my first pause as I sorted through the puzzle piece array.  I know how many pieces complete the picture to match the box display.    This is not like life, for we don’t know the exact moments or number of people we will meet.   Yet, like life, there is an abundant number of people that await in the wings.  Meaning, we are surrounded by a support system and we have many Divine appointments waiting for the right time.    When we are at the “right” point in a puzzle, that exact piece we are meant to, we find.

Now that the foundation was built, it became observation, exploration, and experimenting.   Choice, trial and error, and periodic success were intermingling.   The box a reference, like the external resources we sometimes need to seek.    Memory also an ally in the puzzle piece searching.   I remember a piece with similar colors to what is now in front of me.  I think I placed that over…there; ah, there it is – it fits exactly!   Similarity also a factor in what pieces are perused.   Where are there more pieces with this shade of light blue? 

Pause two as I looked at all pieces spread out not yet snapped into place.   We don’t always get a glimpse of the people we have yet to meet “one day”.     The puzzle pieces represent the people that our paths will intersect with over the course of our lives, at least in how I believe.  Now I ponder how we turn a puzzle piece around should it not fit initially.   To see and see again might provide the right fitting.   We are given the same opportunity with each person we meet.   If we look and look again, there may be a gift we don’t initially see.   I look at that puzzle piece over there that is dark green compared to this puzzle piece with its multiple vibrancy.   Certainly, it will be easier to find where this radiant piece goes to complete the beautiful scenery.

Ah, but when I look at how that dark green piece fit in to ensure the puzzle would be complete, I see an elegant richness that enhances the rainbow piece.   Perhaps what one gravitates to isn’t always the first thing to strive to reach.  If the dark green piece had been put in place first, where would the path lead?   And there is another pause this beautiful puzzle gave me.   The path I chose for its completion may be different than the path you would see.

Perhaps you would have started at the left corner and been diligent to complete a parameter there before looking at other pieces along the base.   Others of you might take steps more like me in which you are multi-tasking all over the place.   I enjoy variety and multiple angles for looking at one thing.  I find a puzzle at its best when there are pieces scattered here there and everywhere in between.   Others of you might narrow your focus taking one step at a time or following A, B, then C.  This too an ideal approach for completing a puzzle scene.

The beauty of a puzzle is that there is not a wrong nor a right.  The beauty of a puzzle is that it becomes just that over time.     Piece by piece, the picture transforms into the picture on the box that represents our hopes, our joys, and our dreams.   One piece at a time, our life takes shape into the most spectacular, wonderous, exquisite masterpiece.


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