A River Runs Through It


As the river runs wild through the canyons so does peace run wild through the soul, for no matter what stands tall around you, deep within you are free.  You are whole.  – Morgan Harper Nichols

A river runs through it was part of my mantra as we ran yesterday.   Accompanied by a dear friend’s words can’t go around, over, under; thru is the only way.   Ginger and I weren’t running with any kind of struggle we felt the need to push through.  Well, maybe only a little in that we were longing for the temperature to rise a degree or even two.   Yet, aside from our readiness for Spring, green grass, and budding trees, Ginger and I were running the trail embraced in peace.

My thoughts were of others who may be wishing they could take a detour or jump high and over what is currently on their path.   Who are wishing that time would either rapidly speed forward or rewind to an “easier” time in the past.   To those who are paddling furiously to avoid the raging rapids they are certain they hear up ahead.   For those who are furiously gripping the oars for fear of tipping as they turn the bend.   For those who see the fallen log they seem to be heading directly into.   Certain they are that it means one thing is coming – doom.

As Ginger and I stood on a bridge with the river below our feet, I heard my friend’s words again not over, around, or under when we are struggling.    On one hand, Ginger and I were crossing over the water flowing below.   Ah, but then I was reminded of the other half of my mantra a river runs through as I watched it flow.   The fallen logs and the thick brush are obstacles striving to stop the water from traveling.   And still, the river flows under and through and over with a steadfast ease.   The water may rise higher and it may recede; ever continual in adjusting for what the surroundings bring.

Sometimes its edges may begin to freeze, bringing its flow to a crawl or temporarily stopped until the air brings heat.   It flows when it is daylight, and it flows in the darkest of nights.   If you have ever been moving in a fast motion when rain comes, you know when pouring rain meets your skin it can sting.   Despite the stings of a rain shower, the river does not shy away nor retreat.

Occasionally the river may need to forge a new path if a permanent blockage impedes the direction it desires to go.    It may not be easy for the river to form a new tributary, but far more important than ease is the river’s goal.    The hardened dirt, over time, begins to dissolve as the river pushes forward towards its destiny.   Ever through it the river continues to move until where it desires to be is reached.

The river our flow with life, drifting with the current or against it in proportion to our sense of trust and peace.   The greater our belief in our courage and strength to go through, the greater we don’t see the external forces trying to divert our flow downstream.    We may have to bend lower or rise higher yet there will be no stopping.   For, always through we can go, if we believe.

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