The Wisdom of a Bee Hive

For April 1 Blog

Of course, in that way that Nature always brings messages at the “right” time, on my running path was the reminder be from this partial bee hive. Someone once shared an imagery with me: the sweetness of the honeycomb like the sweetness of life’s journey.   Bee>BE.   I like to think of this if I start to put more emphasis towards a destination a little too hurriedly.   It is my de-accelerator to bring my focus back to only the next step in front of me.

Late last summer I was stopped at a traffic light among many waiting for red to turn green.   I, in the middle of a sea of cars and trucks who appeared to be anxiously awaiting.   Though I had a destination to arrive to, I was in a state of ease.   The time on the clock was not in the driver’s seat.

I began to watch a butterfly dancing between the vehicles, having what appeared to be a most joyous time. Or, at least from my vantage point, this little winged friend was fluttering in pure delight. I wondered who else was noticing, if anybody.   How many people were so focused on that changing light that they weren’t noticing?   In the middle of these city streets, tar and concrete the landscape for a traveler’s eyes, was a miracle of Nature passing without notice as everyone impatiently awaited that green light.

Our mind has trained to believe that if we hurry to our next appointment, task, or action step, we will be able to accomplish more in those spare minutes we are certain we will gain. Yet, could it be possible that a hurried state begets even greater time slipping way? Like a ball quickly rolling down hill, its momentum moving faster and faster still. If we hurry from point A to B to C, isn’t it possible we end the day feeling we never caught up to our finish line?   That even though we rushed, we still ran out of “enough” time?

Also, though goals are important, is there a chance we might miss opportunity? If we aren’t allowing breathing room as we hurry through the day, what doorways aren’t we seeing? In the spirit of BE-ing, should we strike a better balance between knowing and not knowing? Can we have a goal we want to reach but not outline it to the minutest detail to restrict its flexibility?   Perhaps if we didn’t outline every detail, we would discover more possibilities to reach our goals we didn’t notice when we were hurrying.

The next time you are certain you will be late if you don’t punch the accelerator when the light turns green, look around and see if you notice the flight of butterfly wings.    Or perhaps you might notice a bumble bee. If you do, I recommend pausing.   That bee could be whispering a reminder it is the journey.   Have destinations you are aiming for, yet don’t forget to…be.

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