Pieces of Pie

For April 8 Blog

One quarter, one eighth, perhaps even one sixteenth.   Depending on the pie, you might even say, one very large piece.   It sure was tempting last Christmas with this homemade scrumptious treat. Ah, but this isn’t about fruit pie or cream pie or butter-licious Dutch shortbread as a perfect gift. Although, I anticipate I now have you desiring to satisfy a pie-craving fix.

If I asked you to slice a pie of your priorities, what would be your first question back to me? Would you ask me to define what I mean by priorities? Or would you ask me how many slices you could make because defining your priorities is easy?

Perhaps you would show me a pie sliced six ways. Family, career/job, home, friends, exercise, and play.   Or maybe you are someone that prefers a more granular view. Perhaps you would list names of loved ones or specific hobbies that matter to you.

What if I asked you to slice a pie based on your bucket list? How many slices would you make to accomplish all that you might wish? Would you tell me you need another pie or two to make enough slices to fulfill your dreams? Or would you tell me later and right now you are too busy?

What if I asked you to slice your pie based on the number of compassionate ways you give? Ah, but wait, what if I asked you to make slices that included you in this?   What if I asked you to exclude the number of ways you give to those you care and feel responsible to? And instead, asked you to slice pieces based soley on the ways you care for you?

What if I asked you to combine your priorities and your dreams? This time, I ask that you slice the pie based on a percentage to each thing.   So, for example, perhaps you have a dream to learn to paint or you wish to once a year visit a new place. What percentage of the pie gets sliced for the time or the savings that are part of these priorities? After all, if you don’t, your dreams became harder to reach.

If you look at your sliced pie, are there any priorities taking up too much of the whole? Is there opportunity to slice a sliver from a priority to share some for your bucket goals? If you look at your sliced pie now, does it reveal that an area of your life is getting too much while something else barely has a taste?   Or even more, is there an area of your life craving a bite, as it watches each slice being given away?

Earlier I could hear some of you say later and too busy.   Yet, perhaps it could be sooner or now if the slices were cut more equally.   I encourage you to think about the times you find yourself saying if only, for that is the nudge trying to get you to slice the pie differently.   What if it is possible that if you redistribute the proportions, you find there is more pie available, including you taking a bite or two…for you?

And…now enjoy that physical bite of a pie I know you are now on a mission to find and consume!



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