A Less than One Inch Story

For April 29 Blog

The standard postage stamp dimensions are roughly about 0.87 inches x 0.979 inches per the Postage Stamps 101 web page.   Depending on a theme, a stamp could also be 1.188 inches x 0.909 inches this website further explains.   Small and tiny and I would argue most of the time barely seen. In fact, if I were to ask you, how often do you look at the stamp when your mail is received?

I am not a stamp collector, yet I always consciously choose. I always look at the pictures on the stamps to determine which ones I wish to use. I may see a stamp in tribute to a historical figure or a location such as a national park.   And of course, if it is related to nature such as flowers or birds, it captures my heart.   I will see the holiday stamps and the stamps for the special events, too.   For example, a bride-to-be has as her selection at least two.

If I reflect on my choosing, I believe it is fair to say, I place a value on what the picture will communicate.   Recently I had chosen the stamp in tribute to first responders as my awareness increases of how some journey with PTSD.   With each stamp I place on an envelope, I am attaching my gratitude for their servanthood in life-altering emergencies.  I am also attaching my support for those who shoulder immense pain, trauma, and grief.   I am sending wishes that none of us take for granted how many vigilantly put their lives on the line for our safe-keep.

Perhaps so very little yet feeling contribution with each press on that corner to the right and top; may the risk of the tiger vanishing as a species come to a quick and immediate stop.   Or the bioluminescence life stamps representing the oceans deep. Those, I confess, grabbed hold of me because they were so colorfully unique.   Still, sending spectacular colors mails a positive energy.

I think about the stamps I send, yet I don’t always pay attention to the ones received.   I wonder if the sender thinks about the stamp they place on an envelope when they mail it to me?   Do they see the stamp as the final personal touch to the letter hand-written with care?   Or is the stamp only a “must have” to ensure the letter makes it to its final where?

I am beginning to think about the multitude of stamps that have been created in honor of, in tribute to, of legacy.   Artists, visionaries, historians, advocates – creating so that we will remember – or evolve – a lasting story.   Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, Walt Whitman, Martin Luther King. Endangered species and appreciation of nature’s beauty.   Personal, a passion of the heart, lest we not forget I anticipate the idea creator whispers when he or she sees her dream become a reality.

Perhaps for the idea creator it is “enough” that the stamp became a dream come true.   Yet, now I am pondering if I can give more pause as I choose? Each stamp design has a meaning that represents a story in some way, form, or shape.   Is there opportunity to pay more attention to what the stamp wishes to say?

Nothing is insignificant when it is created from the heart and soul.

I think it is time to start noticing the top right corner of our incoming mail flow.



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