Present to Possibilities


Her ears “noticed” first the rhythmic drumbeat, then her eyes followed to see.   A woodpecker had made stop at the windowsill near where she lay.    His message follow the beat of your heart greeting our day.

Though I often gravitate to what Ginger is teaching me about listening, now and again she reminds me about the lens through which we see.   The more present we are to what is right in front of us, the greater the possibilities we receive.

Life is a beautiful dance between opposites with our gracefulness coming in the in-between.  How well we balance the opposition is what life desires to teach.   One of my dances is between the tug of knowing and the pull of allowing the unknown’s unfolding.  Envisioning opportunity yet letting go of expectations is my body, mind, and heart’s continual learning.

The power of intention and the power of trust work hand in hand.   Where intention and trust meet are the center in which we can calmly stand.    We can set an intention of a goal we wish to realize, and then we can let go trusting the paths to achievement will materialize.   It is possible to bring into reality our wishes when the what are our hopes we know, yet what we don’t have to know is exactly how to make our wishes become so.    We can have faith that in every moment we stay open with our mind and with our heart. the “how” will be brought our way.    In how we hear, see, and choose our responses to these moments leads us to the fruition of the wishes we have made.

Ginger is always fully present to the moments that come her way.  Her eyes drink in what she sees and her ears open and raise.  She doesn’t hold expectations of what the moment might become.    That the moment is happening for her is abundantly “enough”. Though Nature has been my wise teacher about being present and flowing with the currents of life, Ginger has been whispering hey mom, to not row those oars you hold in your hands as much – give that a try!

I have been following Ginger’s wise advice to let go of paddling, metaphorically speaking. I set an intention for how I want a dialogue or appointment to flow joyously and easily, such as may the exchange be filled with connectedness or may this move me one step closer to that which I dream. I try not to be too narrowly specific, for specifics can become like rapid paddling. If we focus only from what we believe we know, we could miss seeing other possibilities.   If we are focused on paddling, we could miss that the river has the ability to move us effortlessly.

As I practice setting an intention and then being fully present and open to what presents itself to me, there is a continuous exceeding beyond what I could have imagined might come to be. We are limited in knowing what our possibilities might be until we learn more, and we can only learn more when we let go of what we already think. That dance of opposites and our grace in the middle, indeed!

A dear friend recently used the words organically grow. Her wise way of saying no need to row faster than the river’s current flows. As Ginger shows me how to hear and see, being fully present to the woodpecker’s rhythmic beat, may I set the oars across my lap more frequently. For the river is willing to do a lot of the work in moving us closer to the wishes we might hold.   It awaits us setting intentions and then trusting its beautiful flow as we let go.

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