If you have been following other blogs I’ve written or if you have read my memoir you know this of me.   That meaningful signs and messages abound if we are open to hear and see.    In the past few weeks the decibels have been turned up with two words as the theme.   One holds at the heart five letters and the other seven, with three additional letters that accompany their spellings.

One word is human, ending in I-T-Y.      The other is passion, with C-O-M standing to the left of P’s side.   Humanity and compassion are the words striving to be seen.   Actually, let me rephrase the essence of the message – that with compassion we start noticing the people around us as human beings.

When you look at these two pictures, what do you immediately think?   Butterflies, yes, so?   Or do you pause to appreciate their colorful beauty?   Do you think one appears to be alive and one isn’t moving?  Perhaps you then think why pick up the one no longer flying?!  

Perhaps I should ask, if you were walking by these winged souls, would you notice each?    Perhaps the monarch you would, but how about the broken one at your feet?

How many people do you walk by each day?  If we replayed your interactions would you discover additional people you hadn’t noticed crossed your way?  How about your colleague who you forgot you answered a question for?  Yes, you did answer him, though you never looked up from your paperwork when he knocked on the door.

What about the person in front of you in the waiting line?  Did you notice how her head hung down to hide her teary eyes?  Or when you were in the store did you notice that elderly gentleman standing still anxiously searching?   Perhaps your immediate thought was annoyance for slowing you down in your haste and urgency.    After all, you had things to do and places to be, perhaps that inner voice was chanting.

What about when a friend keeps coming to your mind?  Do you reach out to check that everything is fine?  Or do you look at social media and “see” that he still posts regularly, so he must be just fine your certainty.   What if he’s hiding behind the comforts of social “Be-ing”, where a fine line is walked between real, escape, and make-believe.

Someone said words to this effect recently: an opportunity to see we are similar, to come together as community and stop focusing on our differences that are dividing us as humanity.    This individual went on to use the words compassion and kindness as two significant keys.

I started to think about I-T-Y and C-O-M and doing what makes our heart sing.  After all, that is living with passion, isn’t it, when we are doing what we love whole-heartedly?   And what if our passion was our human-beingness, to put our guards of comparison and imperfection down to see ourselves and each other as extraordinary?   HumanITY and COMpassion could go hand and hand, if we don’t fear reaching out our own to who may reach back. If it were a different perspective, yet the person had a ompassionate heart, would that be so “wrong” or “bad”?

In an effort to hide his tears for he was speaking “professionally”, from his breaking heart he shared this statistical reality.   In the past 90 hours he was aware of eighty lives that have ended in suicide. Eighty humans who found that their emotional pain and hopelessness were far too great to stay on Earth with mankind.    The heart-wrenching decision to no longer live feeling a better option than the herculean effort they’ve been giving to stay alive.

And opportunity to take passion plus human added with six letters to further define.

I, Together, (with) You taking Care of Mankind.   C-O-M added with passion for the humanness in us all, totaling I-T-Y.

Perhaps if each of us noticed a broken wing, the heart-wrenching choice that hope no longer walks this Earth would become a myth for those who no longer feel they matter in their surroundings.

To no longer hear another suicide in every day vocabulary, that is what C-O-M and I-T-Y mean for me.


3 thoughts on “I-T-Y

  1. Bart says:

    The challenges and struggles of leading a purpose driven life. The second mountain.
    Thanks Christine.

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you for the wise sentiments – a purpose driven life! And I like that – the second mountain! Always grateful for your wisdom and your responses!

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