Power Is


There is power in knowing” I exclaimed.   And then I thought about leaps of faith.

I recently read words to the following effect.   It is the resistance that helps our souls grow best.   Affirmation of how I believe; that to best learn we need opposition’s tugging.   Serenity, for example, is appreciated most fully only after experiencing the tension of uneasiness and uncertainty.

It can be easy to stand in the middle of certain opposing views and think, “sure, to know light, we need darkness, too”.   Yet, what happens when the tugs and pulls are much stronger than looking left and right through daybreak’s stream?   What level of faith do we stand on when the seasonal change is more than bearing witness to the vibrancy of Fall’s  changing leaves?   What if we are being asked to let go of knowing and control?  What if life is trying to teach us that we gain some of our greatest gifts while in the unknown?

As I stood for a moment looking forward and back admiring Nature’s beauty, I also thought of a few personal stories.   Not necessarily personal for the stories are not intimately mine I am experiencing.  Wait, then again, it’s people I care about, so, of course the paths they walk is also my journey.

I turn gently to the left to look, only to find an anchoring.  Rooted in place among the limbs void of leaves are the firmly standing trees.   I look to my right and again I am met with reinforcement there is strength for our holding.  In the middle of the uncertainty are pillars of support tall and steady.

We may not know what lies ahead and we are certain of the power we will have once we do.  And yet, we may find on that quest to know is where we gain our fortitude.   When we can walk courageously forward on a path in which far ahead is not seen, the power we think is in the distance will reveal it is already within reach.   It is in our trust that at every step we take, and even when we are paused to absorb our surroundings, we are held safely and secure as our soul bravely begins its purpose-filled growth exponentially.

2 thoughts on “Power Is

  1. Bart shaw says:

    Thank you. A needed reminder as my struggles continue to challenge my rational mind.
    You came into my life for a reason.
    Bless you.

    1. Christine says:

      🕊🕊 In that way that life flows to give AND to receive, I, too, am blessed our paths purposefully crossed. 🙏

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