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Hope Has a Cold Nose

A picture can tell a thousand words, but a few words can change its story – Sebastyne Young     

I am author.

I am story-listener and story-teller.

I should say I am the behind the scenes writer who reframes a story-teller’s account of his or her life experiences.  Often the experiences include pain, trauma, sorrow, or despair.

When the reframing is complete, the rewritten story is filled with dignity.



And hope.

Written life stories are for legacy or for a point in life.

I teach.   Individuals, collective groups, and organizations.

Through mentorship sessions, through my writing, through speaking engagements, and in application of listening and transformational servant-leader tools and techniques.

I advocate.

I have a passion to listen to others share the chapters and stories of their life, to see purpose in all life’s ebbs and flows, and to advocate for holistic healing methodologies.   Through exceptional empathetic intuitive listening, I am able to lead others to reframe their experiences and to find purpose in – and forgiveness with – their stories.  I am able to hold up a mirror for others who may be struggling with self and life doubt to find forgiveness and to find trust in themselves, in others, and in life.

If you explore, you will also read about a journey in leadership that I have traveled from January, 2017 through August, 2018.  You will learn about a second book nearing publication  – Hope has a Cold Nose.   You will learn that I desire to inspire hope and healing, as well as to be an advocate for those who are unable to speak their voices or be heard.  You will learn that my primary focus has been advocating for military veterans and how service dogs are an effective healing methodology for journeying with PTSD.   And when you visit the “Communities of Support” tab, you will also find seven links to wonderful organizations who, in their missions and their daily focus, embody compassion, dignity, healing, and hope.

If you have read my first book, To the Moon and Back to Me: What I Learned from Four Running Feet, you will learn that I do not see death as goodbye.  I view two kinds of death; death can be literal and the other figurative.  Figurative is when a life changing event leads us to a profound sense of loss, and then provides the opportunity for us to transform, much like a caterpillar freeing itself from a cocoon into a beautiful monarch butterfly.   Literal, of course, is the physically leaving of Earth.   Yet, in this loss, too, is  the opportunity to give purpose to it happening.  In both, there is always hope.

My vision is to inspire individuals to find that purpose can be found in the traumas and sorrows, that we make life matter through the choices we make to live going forward, and that we live so much more when we are not bound by the fear and / or grief of death and profound loss.    Yes, life has such significant moments in which living becomes before and no longer the same.  I desire to inspire individuals journeying with anxiety, depression, profound grief, pain, trauma, sorrow, and despair (PTSD)  to find trust in life again and to find trust within themselves.    I desire to inspire hope.   You may not control all of the events that happen to you but you can decide not to be reduced by them. – Maya Angelou



References and Testimonials

As a second generation holocaust survivor, I was dealing with inner deep pain for a long time.  This was intensified after the death of my beloved father.  As VP of Operations in the company I work for I received the gift of leadership mentoring by Christine.  I expected to be mentored on my leadership skills; instead I found my life profoundly transformed in the most amazing ways by Christine’s mentoring.  After one meeting she identified in a very gentle way, yet unbelievable way, my deepest pains.  Pains I was hiding and not dealing with for long years.  Putting the most beautiful mirror in front of me she walked beside me as I began transforming my life in a very short time, and in ways, I never thought possible.  She utilized her listening skills and her way of softly guiding me towards healing.  No one has ever been able to help me improve my life the way Christine has, and I will be forever grateful and thankful for how she improved my life and my well-being. – A. Kost

Chris has been such a great source of wisdom and guidance for me.  Her empathy and holistic perspective have helped me see my own truth at times when life’s distractions are doing their best to blind my way.  I treasure her perspective and approach to life – valuing every moment and living for learning, growth and in service to others.  – A. Guy

Christine is a true mentor and was an effective sounding board during a time of career transition.  She provided encouragement and insight, enabling me to focus positive energy on the future and learn from my past.  Her passion and skill in helping others is evident as is the care and wisdom in her approach – E. Ballman

I think what you are doing is amazing. We need more people like you to help those that need to, make the change. I’ve grown a lot since you reached out to me, and I will forever be grateful you were able to put my thoughts on paper for me. This is helping me move forward from a lot of my traumas from the past. One day at a time – Veteran Feedback

You are the only one who looked me in the eye; everyone else could not face my grief. – Student Feedback as TA

The stories helped validate the value and significance of patients’ and families’ existence.  We all want to know our lives mattered. Christine’s writing left a sense of satisfaction and completion as she helped people celebrate their own lives. – G. Carlson

Christine writes with intention and intuition. Her words flow in an unusual way but convey exactly what a person is and what needs to be told. I asked Christine to write my mother’s life story even though they had never met. The finished piece was amazing in its accuracy and brought my mother back to life for me if only for a few minutes. I am so very thankful to Christine for this gift of my mother’s story. Christine has a unique gift and I pray she continues to share it with others. – B. J. Ferry

Christine has a gift for being fully present with those facing death, and their loved ones.  She openly offers them a forum to share what is important, to talk about favorite memories, to laugh and to cry.  By doing so, she discovers the heart of what makes them unique, then with great thoughtfulness and care, pens a tangible, lasting legacy for loved ones to cherish.   – M. Soule

To hold a written copy of a thoughtful reflection on a life often seems more meaningful and durable than the spoken word.  People are pleased to be able to share their story with others.  G. Carlson

The letters [from their mom] will become a “bible” to the boys. – K. Goldin

Christine had an intuitive way of getting to the reality of people’s lives.  It was amazing to see how she picked up on the spiritual essence of individuals and families. Her insight was often valuable to me in preparing eulogies. – G. Carlson

I just wanted to extend to you a very special THANK YOU for your hard work at writing mom’s life story so well. I read it as you wrote it as her Eulogy at her funeral and everyone loved it and said it captured her personality, even her soul. – B. McNally

I highly recommend Christine and her skills writing Life Stories. They provide significance and peace through a difficult time. – M. Soule

I lost my best friend of 40 years.  Christine reached out and wanted to know if I’d like her to write a piece about our friendship.  I gave her information about us and she came up with a wonderful writing.  It was beautiful, and I will always be grateful to her. Christine has a special talent and I’ll use her again if the need arises.  C. Arenas

Families could pass written life stories on to younger generations, preserving the loved-one’s legacy. – G. Carlson