Capstone 208

As you will see when you visit the web-page above, I am Mother Nature’s daughter through and through; I am most at one with life when I am in her embrace.  I am an author.  I have a passion to listen to others share the chapters and stories of their life, to see purpose in all life’s ebbs and flows, and to advocate for holistic healing methodologies.  I am a writer of life stories.   As empathetic listener, and as writer, I inspire, and I aid healing.   I am a mentor.   I aspire to coach others not to lose hope.

​As you continue to explore, you will also read about a journey in leadership that I have traveled from January, 2017 through August, 2018.  You will learn about a second book in development – Hope has a Cold Nose.   And you will learn through review of my curriculum vitae and the page titled “Emerging Future” that I desire to inspire hope, healing and social change, as well as to be an advocate for those who are unable to speak their voices in words society readily tunes into or initially hears.

If you have read my first book, To the Moon and Back to Me: What I Learned from Four Running Feet, you will learn that I do not see death as goodbye.  I envision ways that death can be integrated into life such that death is not feared or kept hidden from discussion.  Instead, my vision is that purpose can be found in the sorrow.  I desire to inspire broken hearts to find their rhythm to beat more evenly again.  Through sharing my story of how I have learned those who have left Earth are still by my side, I welcome the opportunity to accompany you in finding your own signs that death is not goodbye.

Now that I have shared a little about me, let me share with you SERVICES I offer.   As noted above, I offer WRITTEN LIFE STORIES.  The life stories are not only if you or someone you love is nearing the end of their life on Earth.   I also write legacy life stories for individuals who desire to put their memories and words of wisdom to paper.  I write stories of those who have courageously embraced hope and dignity, who have found within themselves the rhythm of their heartbeat again.  These individuals inspire hope for others to find the same.  And, I write life stories for eulogies and celebrations of life as tribute to a beautiful life well-lived.  I also write obituaries, as I think the traditional templates don’t begin to capture the essence of a remarkable soul.  In obituaries, like life stories, I strive to write about life that has been lived in truly extraordinary ways.  No life is ordinary.

LETTERS is another service.   I had the very sacred honor of writing letters for a dear friend as she journeyed her last months with a terminal illness.  These letters were written for her two young sons so that they would have their mother’s words of wisdom when she was no longer on Earth with them.   From that experience, coupled with my love of hand-written notes and cards, I gained a deep appreciation of how precious letters from the heart can be  Perhaps there is much you wish to say to those you hold dear – regardless if you are on a journey with an illness such as cancer or dementia, or you simply need someone to be your voice on paper as a keepsake for those you love.

GROUP COACHING and ONE-ON-ONE MENTORSHIP are two additional services I am offering.

If you are interested in a life story or would like more details on what group coaching or mentorship will entail, please contact me using the link below or by visiting the tab titled “Contact”.

I look forward to our paths intersecting.



References and Testimonials

The stories helped validate the value and significance of patients’ and families’ existence.  We all want to know our lives mattered. Christine’s writing left a sense of satisfaction and completion as she helped people celebrate their own lives. – G. Carlson

Christine writes with intention and intuition. Her words flow in an unusual way but convey exactly what a person is and what needs to be told. I asked Christine to write my mother’s life story even though they had never met. The finished piece was amazing in its accuracy and brought my mother back to life for me if only for a few minutes. I am so very thankful to Christine for this gift of my mother’s story. Christine has a unique gift and I pray she continues to share it with others. – B. J. Ferry

Christine has a gift for being fully present with those facing death, and their loved ones.  She openly offers them a forum to share what is important, to talk about favorite memories, to laugh and to cry.  By doing so, she discovers the heart of what makes them unique, then with great thoughtfulness and care, pens a tangible, lasting legacy for loved ones to cherish.   – M. Soule

To hold a written copy of a thoughtful reflection on a life often seems more meaningful and durable than the spoken word.  People are pleased to be able to share their story with others.  G. Carlson

The letters [from their mom] will become a “bible” to the boys. – K. Goldin

Christine had an intuitive way of getting to the reality of people’s lives.  It was amazing to see how she picked up on the spiritual essence of individuals and families. Her insight was often valuable to me in preparing eulogies. – G. Carlson

I just wanted to extend to you a very special THANK YOU for your hard work at writing mom’s life story so well. I read it as you wrote it as her Eulogy at her funeral and everyone loved it and said it captured her personality, even her soul. – B. McNally

I highly recommend Christine and her skills writing Life Stories. They provide significance and peace through a difficult time. – M. Soule

I lost my best friend of 40 years.  Christine reached out and wanted to know if I’d like her to write a piece about our friendship.  I gave her information about us and she came up with a wonderful writing.  It was beautiful, and I will always be grateful to her. Christine has a special talent and I’ll use her again if the need arises.  C. Arenas

Families could pass written life stories on to younger generations, preserving the loved-one’s legacy. – G. Carlson