Christine Hassing is the author of her memoir, To the Moon and Back to Me: What I Learned from Four Running Feet and a compassionate mentor, teaching individuals to find a centeredness in life, in their leadership, and within themselves.

It was while Christine was using her intuitive listening skills as a life story writer and earning her MA that her path intersected with a veteran and his service dog. In that way that no moment in life is coincidental, this encounter would guide Christine to write Hope Has a Cold Nose.

Christine is a passionate advocate for holistic well-being, animals as healers, and the integration of pain, trauma, sorrow, despair, and grief into living a “hope-full” life. Christine’s capacity to listen and recount the words of storytellers create compelling testimonies to engage and endear support for veterans struggling to integrate back into civilian life and for anyone who is suffering from pain, trauma, sorrow, or despair. Her stories enlist the support of service dogs as an effective healing methodology for people journeying with PTSD and encourage listening, understanding, and compassion.

Her other goal is to inspire hope. In addition to her legacy and healing life story writing, Christine is also a self-employed mentor of transformational leadership tools and techniques to organizations and individuals. Christine resides where her loudest neighbors are the bull frogs and blue herons, alongside her husband and their four-legged souls, each with a cold nose.

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