How do you feel about time?  Do you feel it is plentiful, or is it more you wish to find?  Do you try to slow it down, speed it up, control it’s every change?  Do you find it relative, limitless, that you make the most of every day?

What about your belief that all moments happen as they are meant to be? When things don’t happen as you imagined, do you stay in peace?  Do you see change that you don’t necessarily want as a sign that you are ready for something new? Or do you look at what won’t be with anger or sadness, uncertain what to do? How do you react when change you do want isn’t happening in the timeframe you seek?  Do you trust it’s a sign you need to be patient, that you are not quite ready?  Or do you push, pull, feel frustrated, and row upstream?

The moon is rising and the sun is calling it a day.  What moments stand out to you to replay?  Do you remember the feeling of the warm sun as you walked outside?  Or the moments you felt joy, that you laughed from your soul, your elation when happily surprised?  Or is this where you say you aren’t reliving highlights?  Or what you are recalling is what you believe you didn’t do right? Or are you already spending time reviewing what tomorrow’s “doing” list needs to be?  Today done and over, on to the next thing.

“You have time” these beautiful winged friends whisper in flight. Steady, rhythmic, their only focus on their landing sight. The seasons change, their intuition knows.  Yet they don’t worry about when the migratory time to come and go.  Each day as it comes, fully present with each other and the moments at hand.  The next beat up or down of their wings their only required plan.  They know what it is to feel the wind, the rain, the sun, and the Earth beneath their feet.  They don’t fear, nor imagine what harm there might be.  They stay aware where ever they are at guided by their internal trusting

Sure, our lens sees they are missing a warm roof over their heads or laughter shared with friends   We might think the only thing to “do” is fly, land, or eat.  That thought might have us voice “how absolutely boring.”   Yet I wonder if they look at humans rushing and think “humans fly fast like us but are they missing what they could see?  Like each other and nature’s extraordinary beauty.”

How do you feel about time?  Is it foe or is it friend at your side?   What is one step you can take to gain more back in your life?

I hope you don’t answer that you will figure that out when…

you have more time.