Cold Noses,
Open Ears

Inspiring Stories of Hope and Unconditional Listening

Do you wish to share, hear, or read about stories of hope?

Do you wish to inspire others through sharing a photo or a story?

Or be inspired by others through what they share?

Would you find value in receiving suggestions and tips in ways to listen unconditionally – internally and externally?

Would you love to write your story?

Or perhaps you would like to begin with seeing your story as an extraordinary one to write?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, then join this adventure with me.

A single drop creates a ripple. A ripple can create a wave. A wave can roll across a large expanse to touch the feet of someone walking a shore we may never see.

What would it be like if that wave was one filled with inspiration, hope, and unconditional listening?

From the lens I choose to see?

It would be great!

So what do you say let's go create some waves!