“A healer is not someone that you go to FOR healing.  A healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.” – Unknown

If you have had an opportunity to start reading To the Moon and Back to Me: What I Learned from Four Running Feet, you are aware that I was given a precious gift to hear and see signs that my beloved Roo had not left my side, though she had left Earth physically.   In the last days of her life on Earth, Roo had communicated to me that the purpose of her cancer was to open a doorway in which she wanted me to walk through.   At the time I thought it was to write a book.   True to Roo’s unconditional love, she continued to show me how to see and see again.   What I have learned is that in hearing and seeing signs, I am able to in-tune not only to my dear Roo.  The Universe has given me a sacred listening gift to in-tune to the souls of others.

I often refer to the Universe as a maestro and each of us it’s instruments of a very beautiful orchestra (the orchestra an analogy of life).  The Universe knows how to direct a flute to play at just the right time for the harmony that the clarinet or cello or piano needs that creates the perfect song.   I have found it one of my greatest honors each time the Universe uses me as its instrument to walk beside another who is trying to find their song.  Just as Roo and the Universe co-authored To the Moon and Back to Me: What I Learned from Four Running Feet – the words were not singularly my own, I am blessed to be a voice for the Universe in the form of written or verbal words that the Universe knows a soul needs to receive.     My words provide healing.  My words inspire.    My words help another find their foothold in hope, faith, and that who they are is so very much enough for this world.   My words can also provide comfort and peace for an individual, and their family, as leaving life on Earth becomes imminent.

I offer verbal or written intuitive readings.   I have found some are more comfortable reaching out through email versus a phone call.   Others prefer a verbal discussion.  What matters most is what you are most comfortable with.  I am available for both.

I also offer written life stories.  The life stories are not only if you or someone you love is nearing the end of their life on Earth.  Written life stories are also available to aid in healing a painful chapter of your life.     I write life stories for those physically dying, either as a life in review story or letters that an individual would like as words of wisdom to pass on to loved ones.   I write life stories for those who are shedding pain from the past as they bravely chose hope and new beginnings going forward in how they desire to live.

I am also available for on-going mentorship sessions.   As I am certain you know so well, our self-transformations are not something that happens overnight.  It is a journey, and on that journey, it can be helpful to have others who are periodically available when we need a gentle reminder we can and we will.

If you would like a verbal or written intuitive reading, a written life story, or a mentorship session, please contact me using the link below.

I look forward to our paths intersecting.



We’re all just walking each other home – Ram Dass