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LEADERSHIP:  LISTEN {unconditionally}, EVOLVE {life-long}, ACT {from the heart}, DECIDE {i.e. choose}, EMBRACE {uncertainty}, and REFRAME {see and hear more than initially perceived}.

Are you in transition in your leadership role?  Perhaps you have recently accepted a new position in your organization.   Or perhaps you are in transition between organizations, and your next leadership opportunity has not yet discovered you.  

We learn best through opposites, yet sometimes the dance of grace between the opposition can be a struggle.  Like the dance between doubt and trust or between fear and courage.   Or the dance between acting from our knowledge (of the mind) and our hearts (of the feelings) and our souls (from our intuition).  

Christine is an exceptional intuitive listener and compassionate mentor with years of experience teaching individuals globally how to find a centeredness in life, in their leadership, and in themselves.   Christine brings over twenty-six years of industry experience to her mentorship expertise.  Through Christine’s exceptional listening skills, she customizes a development plan that meets you where you are at on your leadership journey. The best and most sustainable learning comes in meeting people where they are at each step along the way.  Utilizing a holistic approach and drawing upon a wide array of learning tools, Christine provides mentorship based on what will resonate for you as you develop and grow. 

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Development Package Options

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  • 10 Sessions for 30 Minutes Per Session
  • 5 Sessions for 60 Minutes Per Session

Our evolution as leaders is life long, and it is one that is deeply personal as we transform. We dance in grace between opposites. We are called to lead with, among, and for people. In organizations, within our families, in our communities. And yet, our growth as leaders is one in which only we can choose to what extent we expand. Feel free to visit https://www.hopehasacoldnose.com/servant-leadership to learn more about my growth on one point of my life long journey as leader.

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