Evolving Leader Coaching, organizational, in family, in community, with life
  • Are you in transition in your leader role?
  • Would you like to evolve in your leadership as a change agent leading your organization, personal life, and our world to new beginnings?
  • Do any of these grab your attention as a way of leading? Trauma-informed Leadership. Conscious Leadership. Serving Leadership. Leadership with Heart. Holistic Integrated Leadership – Mind, Heart, Body, Soul.
  • 1 Hour Coaching Session – $ 120 USD 30 Minute Coaching Session – $60 USD
  • 6-Week Series (6 hours) – $720 USD
  • Extended Series Options available upon request
  • Group workshops available as on-time events or as a series
  • Discounted rates available for single parents and college students
Guidance in reframing your story that may be hindering your flourishing with life
  • In our life stories we see, hear, and think, what story are you framing about your life? Your self? Let me hold up a mirror for you to see and see again. I can guide the reframing of your story to one of joy, hope, and empowerment to not just survive, but thrive.
  • With compassion, gentleness, safely held space, and unconditional listening, together we can look pain, trauma, sorrow, despair, grief and loss in the eye and find a purpose to give it that if it had to happen, it did not happen in vain.
  • You are worthy. You are more than enough. Your extraordinary story deserves dignity and acceptance without self-judgment. It’s time to put the self-worn boxing gloves away.
  • For any age. (Experiences in reframing stories between the ages of eight and ninety-five!)
  • 1 hour Guidance Session – – $120 USD 30 Minute Guidance Session – $60 USD
  • Series Options Available upon Request
  • Writing your Own Life Story Workshops and a 6-week Course Available
  • Discounted rates available for single parents, college students, and youth
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