Your extraordinary story could be the next blog

Perhaps, like many storytellers I have had the privilege of listening to, you are not sure you have a story worth telling.

Ah, but that is where I must respectfully say to you, please do not minimize this truth. YOUR story is extraordinary! And it deserves to be shared.

Even if you decide the only person you wish to share it with once it has been written is yourself.

Whether it has been in listening to the co-authors of Hope Has a Cold Nose or the individuals in hospice care who graciously shared their stories with me as they neared the end of their lives, or when I wrote my own, there has always been the ability to find that every story contains at least one dark or ugly moment, one puzzle piece in which we wish it had been lost under the table instead of fitting into the picture of our lives.

And yet, through the storytelling, we discover that if it weren’t for that puzzle piece, or two, or five, the picture of our beautiful life would be incomplete.

There is purpose in every 86,400 moments of every day we live. Even, or especially the moments we wish had not taken place. At least until we reframe our stories and find those moments have been gifts.

Among my many MANY favorite quotes is this one: "Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone's survival guide." - Morgan Harper Nichols.

Your words could be the inspiration someone else needs.

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