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The disclosure of each moment is of such great value because it is for us personally – Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Continue to mine the sculpture he wisely reminded us through each presented case. A classroom of students using the wisdom of our bodies to intuitively portray.   One individual presents a case study of something they are struggling with and we as their case coaches reach in into our intuitiveness. We aren’t there to fix or to offer advice. We are simply there to hold up a mirror based on what comes to our own hearts and minds.

Continue to mine the sculpture for it contains wisdom – it speaks.   Without words, a group of individuals move from an individual “stuckness” into a collective harmony.   As we share our journey of why we moved from point A to point B, we reveal the power of life when we presently “be”.   We have set down the need to verbally communicate our knowledge and expertise. We begin tuning into an alignment of our mind, body, and heart for what all three – together – would like to say. Without verbalization we begin speaking possibilities in how someone can unclear their stuck-ness to step towards a future state.

This, my third time experiencing what can happen when we are in synchronicity with our mind, body, and soul.   Human flourishing can abound when we trust what we innately know. It requires us to slow down, let go, and relinquish the pull of our mind’s thinking. It requires us to open our eyes, ears, and our hearts to relationship-building.   It requires us to view our body not as an object that keeps us moving or rebels against us when we are aren’t feeling up to par.   Instead we can see how our bodies are our eyes and ears to speak what is held in our minds and our hearts.

So much easier to say – or to write, certainly.   Ah, but that is the gift and the joy of living. It is in our dance with life, in our paddling with the river as it goes, that we learn how to trust and be in harmony with the current’s flow. We can let go in trust and we can step back to better see.   We can take a higher view to better see current reality.

As I was in a classroom each day, in parallel an orchestration was taking place. Unbeknownst to me I would soon play a part in an essence of humanity. Compassion and kindness can soothe fear and worry; a gentle outstretched hand can hold out peace and dignity.

On Tuesday when buying a birthday card, I was drawn to the blank inside card with a vibrant colored, succulent plant the card’s face. A card to have in my stash for someone, “someday”.   Fast forward to Friday, a layover in the airport, and no seating at the gate.   Fast forward to someone I recognized, though I didn’t know his name. Since I am blessed to write life stories of veterans who are finding healing and hope with the aid of fur souls, that I was privileged to be standing next to such a team I did know.

The opportunity to talk about my honor in writing veteran life stories led to the chance to pet this guardian wishing he didn’t have so many people to watch on behalf of his dad.   He was performing his job well as he longed for this large crowd to dissipate fast.   He couldn’t speak verbally to me, yet I could hear what he had to say.   I listened to my heart, let my body respond, and as I kneeled this guardian found a comfort sitting by my legs. Together his dad and I could block the strangers’ energies so that this dear guardian wasn’t in-tuning to many people in need. He had one person to support though his heart was open wide to know many others struggle, too.   Oh, this dear guardian with an unconditional loving and listening heart – what he was going through!

Ae we boarded this team proceeded to their assigned aisle seat. My inner whisper spoke help them get an economy plus where it is quieter seat. Now, for one more person who would complete this story.  Someone “simply” doing her job, so wonderfully. Needed by a few, I became the center of her focus so attentive to me.   Before fully knowing what I desired to do, she was completely listening. She gently asked others to wait their turn while she followed me to a quieter space. Her full support I had helping me with my wish in her most gracious and beautiful way. A natural at exceptional customer service, second nature to her my certainty. With her help we could then give to someone who had served his all for our country.

Discreetly we made our way back to this wonderful veteran and fur team.  With a motion of a hand, he heard follow me.   To a row of seats in which he and his guardian could sit without others nearby, this team made themselves at home for a peaceful flight. This dear stewardess lives well an additional truth of the essence of humanity; the jobs we “do” are merely catalysts for us in being angels for others when they are in need.

Hello, my card stashed away for “someday”. I am so excited I get to utilize you in this way. I wrote a note to this dear stewardess who happily serves all of us to our next stop safely, another guardian to guide our way in our traveling. She loves succulents she exclaimed as we struck up a conversation during flight. Ah, yes, another orchestrated thread the moment I was urged to buy that card for when my path would intersect with a beautiful light.  We talked of her daughter – another beautiful soul with a passion for writing. We talked of our shared value in hearing the voices who struggle to speak. We talked of our love of fur souls, and of our gratitude. Both of us crossed paths at the exact moment we were meant to.

The disclosure of each moment is of such great value, most definitely, indeed! My life growing in such immense value through the people I meet.   I often pay forward to people words what were wisely shared with me. We have a Divine appointment with every person we meet; we honor that Divine appointment when we fully show up as ourselves, authentically.   I am grateful for all these Divine appointments I couldn’t foresee.   My life made richer through the gifts of extraordinary souls – human and fur – I am privileged to meet.

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