Category: Dignity and Worth

Does It Know for Who It Weeps?

Unlike others it was resting at half-mast, a symbol of respect to honor a life that has passed.   I don’t heed the news to know who it might be, though I anticipate it is a silent story.  For other flags aren’t lowered as… Continue Reading “Does It Know for Who It Weeps?”

Dear Guardian

  Dear Guardian, We first met in early March 2014. You inspired my first blog for the public to read. Though a moment in time, you have imprinted my heart for keeps. In that way that a moment can continue to pay forward meaning,… Continue Reading “Dear Guardian”

The Succulent

The disclosure of each moment is of such great value because it is for us personally – Jean-Pierre de Caussade Continue to mine the sculpture he wisely reminded us through each presented case. A classroom of students using the wisdom of our bodies to… Continue Reading “The Succulent”

What Does a Voice Show?

  If pictures can speak a thousand words, what can voices show without pictures for us to see?   Can we “see” such things as joy or sorrow when someone speaks?   If we don’t hear laughter or we don’t hear crying, would we still understand… Continue Reading “What Does a Voice Show?”

A Tribute to one Worth Less

    I can still see his ten, maybe eleven-pound frame moving across the cement under the dim lights.   Determination one of his virtues even then when we met that night.   A barn his home, this first-born of his family.  His father a very… Continue Reading “A Tribute to one Worth Less”

Stories We Can See

  First the expansive larger than life ocean captivated me, in that lure that pulls one in to a mesmerizing beach.   Then the tribe around this single winged soul beckoned with their race from and towards the waves.   They this feathered friend’s messenger willing… Continue Reading “Stories We Can See”

The Black, Brown, and White Gift

I read a story recently in which the narrator described how she had been taught something so very wise.   As a young girl her father wished to show her how to hear the essence of souls; how to listen past the words voiced to… Continue Reading “The Black, Brown, and White Gift”

If Only One?

  It’s not the only one treasured and saved.  There are others such as the one of Grandma and him in their “younger” days.   Yet, true to how life brings the messages needed at the right time, it was this picture nearing day twenty-four… Continue Reading “If Only One?”

Prologue Two

  Hello my dear Roo.   Is this our prologue to book two? Threaded; The Flow of Life or perhaps The Threads that Bind.   Or maybe modeled after the quote by Ram Dass about how we are walking with each other that I could call… Continue Reading “Prologue Two”

An Ode to Motherhood

I am not certain it is you we have watched for weeks.  But something within whispers it is with your two babes I see.    Through cold and warm, through sun and rain.   I think it was only once we saw you move from your… Continue Reading “An Ode to Motherhood”