May 2021 Hope Has a Cold Nose

Dear All,

The story about becoming beautiful isn’t about the ugly duckling becoming a swan; it is about the ugly duckling realizing it was a swan all along. – Leta Greene

A couple of days ago I danced between opposites when the natural flow of Nature intersected with Kutana’s authenticity.  Actually, make that Ginger, Kutana, and I danced between opposites as we each played our part in the innateness of Life. 

The girls (as I like to affectionately refer to Ginger and Kutana collectively) and I were on our morning trail run among the apple trees.   Ginger was only slightly ahead for staying near me to guard against anything that could be lurking is her determined purpose she has established on both our behalf.  Kutana, aka gazelle, was further ahead relishing her joy in running with speed.   That is until her greatest gift signaled put on the breaks NOW!   

Her nose is her gift, and it is my cursed word or two in moments when her nose leads in opposition to what I would prefer she smell.   Most of the time I love watching her in action when her nose is in the lead.  It is poetry in motion when Kutana and I play our game.  I hide a few kernels of her dog food in four different places while she holds stay, frozen in place until I give her the yep and she then circles wide to catch the scent of her food on the wind currents.  Her authenticity is absolutely beautiful and wonderous to observe.  

Until this particular moment a couple of days ago when her nose smelled young life.  Before I understood why she suddenly stopped and began sniffing at the base of an apple tree, Life was already in motion to be my teacher yet again.  Too late to influence a different destiny, I witnessed two baby rabbits tossed in the air at the mouth of Kutana who, in that instant, I desperately wanted to know that though she was a dog, she should not act like a dog!   As I stood at yang, certain Kutana was the shadow yin, she heeded NO! and sat down with a look that was trying to remind me that perhaps my feelings in that moment at her actions were yin and that in her mind she was acting with the purest of yang.  

My gentle Ginger, who also has a huntress tendency, began to move towards the two victims until she received the same direction as her sister and sat down a few feet behind Kutana.   I picked up one baby bunny to recognize I was touching that part of Life that teaches Grief.   I picked up the second baby bunny to quickly understand I was being handed the lesson plan of Life that offers opportunity for Gentleness, Compassion and Unconditional Love as I held this little one gently in my warm hand next to its sibling no longer of this Earth while baby bunny two took its last breaths.   Life whispered not your will, but the will for the greatest good even if you can’t fully see there is a larger purpose in what is happening.   There is no greater good then being fully present with a reverent heart beside another’s journey. 

I looked over at the girls, my calm wise elder one and my joyous curious one and witnessed Nature’s animal kingdom reverent for Nature’s kingdom of animals.  Kutana normally the investigator for anything I am doing that is new was sitting quietly, watchful, respectful, honoring this sacred moment.   Ginger was wearing her usual look that communicates I am here, I know what you are doing matters to you, and I will wait patiently and silently for you until you are done. 

I put both little souls back in their nest and the girls and I started to walk away to continue our run.  Ah, but Life had one more lesson to teach.   This time Ginger paused to sniff a clump of grass, which created a reactive squeak.   With a No, Ginger! I rushed to Ginger’s side to find another baby rabbit unscathed striving to hide from the giants who had just found its siblings minutes before. 

Though one part of me knew I should not touch this little one so that the scent of me would not cause rejection by Momma Bunny, greater in me was the wish to ease this little one’s fears.  For the brief time our paths were intersecting, I wanted this little one to know Life brings Traumatic moments we wish would not take place, but Life also brings Compassion and Love.   As I sat this little one down and it began hopping away, I knew Life was teaching Hope, Resilience, and Choice in what we decide to see. 

Life was my dance partner with opposites whispering in my ear will you stay with Grief and let Anger join the walk? 

Or will you celebrate Life always finds a way to continue flourishing?  Will you accept that I, Life, cannot teach you the depths of such things as Appreciation, Compassion, Hope, Inspiration, and Love if I do not bring the experiences of loss, suffering, and uncertainty? 

Dear Life, if I may say, every once in a great while I wish there were an easier way to learn all that you have to teach.   

Recently I was in conversation with someone, and we were talking about the continued significant world events.   This individual was choosing to see positively amidst her philosophical questioning as to why things were happening.  This person was also empathetic to people who were struggling to stay optimistic.  To stay hopeful.  To those who were experiencing Life’s lesson plans of Grief and Anxiety. 

For some people, Life is bringing a heaviness that seems to be a relentless one more thing, one thing after another in a way that makes these same people want to shout STOP!  It is enough!

I anticipate twenty-three co-authors would tell these people they understand.     

They know what it is to be tested to stay positive.  To stay hopeful.  To keep pushing through one more issue, one more judgment, one more setback, one more Life test, ONE MORE thing!

In my choice in how I wish to see, I am holding tight to the belief that all the significant turmoil and suffering is a cracking open like a caterpillar who breaks out of a cocoon to reveal it is a butterfly.   Or the ugly duckling that hatches to reveal its beauty as a swan.     

Things are cracking open for better things.

If we choose to see. 

And choose our reactions and actions that create better things. 

Like Joy, Compassion, Hope,


Service dogs who save lives by loving and accepting unconditionally. 

I am not sure I can think of any greater Life teachers than those with cold noses and pawed feet.

Life ain’t always beautiful.  Sometimes it’s just plain hard.  Life can knock you down, it can break your heart…But the struggles make you stronger.  And the changes make you wise.  And happiness has its own way of takin’ its sweet time.  No, life ain’t always beautiful.  Tears will fall sometimes.  Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride. – Lyrics from Life Ain’t Always Beautiful by Gary Allan



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