Category: Peace In Grief

The Smallest of Things

Namaste’ little one, journey in peace.   In another place, you will spread your wings.   In gratitude that our paths crossed though you I could not save.  The window too harsh for your speed today.    My finger gently pushing on your heart but a beat… Continue Reading “The Smallest of Things”

Streams of Light

A drive to a day certain to hold sorrow; a family now feeling a void, a hole.  They were glistening in the stillness, their message of forever love; one a distance away, symbolic of another now watching from above.  Their messages wouldn’t erase the… Continue Reading “Streams of Light”

Beget Light

Did she know before we would what the world would need?  Did she know the magnitude of darkness that would soon be?   Perhaps it was a gesture as simple as what they mean; white roses in remembrance when someone departs, an honoring.   But since… Continue Reading “Beget Light”

Soft White Petals

From the first warmth of Spring to the last frost of Fall, an array of colors in bloom, some low to the ground and others rising tall.   Shared conversation about many a thing, while looking out the window frequently.  This beautiful garden our centerpiece… Continue Reading “Soft White Petals”