The Smallest of Things


Namaste’ little one, journey in peace.   In another place, you will spread your wings.   In gratitude that our paths crossed though you I could not save.  The window too harsh for your speed today.    My finger gently pushing on your heart but a beat was not meant to be.  Your soul knew of this Earth it was time to leave.

Though I do not know what your life was before we met, quite certain I am that you gave your best.  Among the meaning in your tiny frame you bring, immense power in the smallest of things.  As I held the warmth of you – affirmation that death is just another door to enter through – I pondered the message you had for me.   With an open heart, I was ready to receive.

I laid you to rest in the bow of a tree; perhaps it was one where you used to sing.   I reflected on what I was doing and thinking before your beckoning.  Perhaps it was for the temporary pause, since you are also a messenger about speaking one’s voice with right timing.  After all, I was in the middle of writing a message that perhaps the Universe thought should be modified.   Perhaps I was redirected so as not to hit “send” until another time.

Or perhaps you were bringing a message about death that you wanted me to convey; something that another could find helpful if experiencing someone or something they cherish slipping away.   Or maybe it was as ‘simple’ as the opportunity to hold you in honor of the life you had lived – you little one as a tiny gift.

And then I heard the message you had for me, affirmation of the immense power in the smallest of things.   The awe of holding winged friends like you not new, but this time, little one, your voice penetrated through.   Just as the Universe holds you and I safe, I had the honor of holding the Universe today.

And if you, little one, are the Universe, and all of us are too – well, what if we each looked at one other person the same way I looked at you?  People wouldn’t have to look at the entire world this way; if they just started with one person, what a difference it would make!

I anticipate you knew you were messenger, you knew your purpose the Universe asked of you.  In your songs, in your feathered colors, the way you miraculously flew.   If each of us voiced our “song”, shined our radiance, didn’t hide our miraculous gifts – yes, this too, would be another powerful world shift.

Namaste’ little one, thank you for your sacrifice you made.   My honor to have intersected with you as you began your journey to another place.    You have made a difference, and I’m certain my life wasn’t the only one you left your mark with.  Soar, soar high little one, the mightiest tiniest gift.





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