March 9, 2014

IMG_0410The letters written in bold read “MIRACLE” beneath “need a”.

He lay on a blanket, protected, insulated, an assurance his bones wouldn’t begin taking on the bitterness of the cold hard cement.  His feet wrapped in remnants of an old coat; was it a layer of warmth, or were there cracks and scars on the bottom of his feet from miles of walking?  A whisper within said “it is the latter”.

His head stuck out from the coat that wrapped his body in warmth, and he watched, and watched, the people walking by, to his left, to his right, maybe a pause to say hi.  He didn’t talk back, he didn’t react outwardly, but inside his role as GUARDIAN beat his heart as he lay there.

He knew some that walked to his left and to his right were judging his friend beside him.  He knew some were saying “you must help yourself” or “why did you pick here?”.   They weren’t looking for a miracle, they couldn’t see the purpose, they didn’t know that at the moment you give, you RECEIVE.

It had only been a few months ago that I witnessed the love of the GUARDIAN and his friend, a few months ago that the stirring in my heart at seeing them together whispered “the friend is safe, he walks along side the most incredible love”.  And I walked on, as one to the right and to the left of where he watched.

And then I made a vow.

They sit there together as teachers, us to their right and to their left the students.  Will the miracle be to learn compassion?  To witness love?  To see the role of the GUARDIAN as the ultimate angel who reminds us that we are always surrounded by Universal safety and love?   To witness how friendships and family-ship give us hope and reason to press on, to focus us more than our selves?

It was a simple act of kindness, one might say ordinary in every day moments of life.  A gift of warm food, and a smile.   Looking into the GUARDIAN’s eyes we talked about his role, his purpose for his friend, and his friend softly said “we found each other” and “God bless”.

And in that extraordinary miracle moment hearts opened a little more and the world became a brighter place.  And I got to look into the eyes of



=GOD.  (D O G)

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  1. wow – love this christine!

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