The Gift of Kindness

Have you noticed a stranger today?  And if so, in exactly what way?  Did you go through the motions of “how are you?”  Or did you pause to see if their eyes and tone matched in “Fine.  And you?”  Did you appreciate something about them, how they impacted people across their path?  Or were you in a hurry and had no time for chit chat?  If they were in a role to service people’s needs, did you think about saying “thank you for being you”?  Or did your subconscious automatically think “it’s their job, what they are paid to do.”

She complimented my bracelet as she handed me change.  “Where did you get it?” her inquisitive face.   A “thank you” and “a friend gave this to me”.  Met with “I wish I had a friend like that”, she said only half-jokingly.  I continued on my way to eat; on her way to take care of more strangers in need.  A friendly greeting, a warm smile; continually she would go the extra mile.

And then the Universal nudge, a written note a must.   Pen to paper, appreciation expressed and a message “keep being as you are.  People are lucky to have their paths cross with you as they come and go from afar”.  Signed “a friend” given to her as I went in my way.  I don’t know the full impact but I anticipate it made both of our days.

A kindred soul in the sharing of curly hair that relishes humidity   Her natural joy the early morning greeting   An energy that didn’t have room for wasting any moments not living every day; infectious her joking and bubbly traits.

Anorher note, appreciation and “keep bring you”.  Signed a kindred curly-haired spirit grateful for what you do.  I can still hear her echoes in my mind and stamped within my soul.  Her surprise and gratefulnss as she exclaimed loudly “oh my goodness, a passenger just gave me a note”.

The impact immediately felt, that joy of receiving when the heart whispers “that felt good” with no other expectations from it.  Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true; maybe I do hope for more to take place   I hope that a single gesture pays forward a gesture I may never see.  That many a life is positively touched among people I may never meet.  Kindness does not cost, yet it is one of the richest gifts we can give away.  Who might you be able to touch today?



2 thoughts on “The Gift of Kindness

  1. Very inspiring and sweet. I can picture the faces of those who’s day(s) you made and then everyone else who was impacted by your kind gestures. 💗

  2. Just as I picture those positively impacted by the gift of you!

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