An Ode to Motherhood

I am not certain it is you we have watched for weeks.  But something within whispers it is with your two babes I see.    Through cold and warm, through sun and rain.   I think it was only once we saw you move from your place.   Blending in, lying flat.  Making sure you were not noticed where you were at.   Your mate for life always near your side, acting as decoy many a time.   Sometimes he would be in the road which would scare me, his mission to divert our eyes so you couldn’t be seen.

Once I had the honor of seeing your gentle handling.  A slow motion of your head, your neck, your loving beak.   I am not sure if you were turning them or just giving them a reassuring touch.  Following your instinct, a mother’s great love.   True to us humans who sometimes get anxious with time, I had a moment or two when I worried if there would be new life.   Steadfast and at one with the rhythm of nature you knew better that me.   Trust, patience, faith the key.   Guided by your authenticity and a mom’s unconditional heart, you nurtured that nest until new life could start.  

One day we drove by and you were no longer there laying low on your nest.  My hope and my trust that with little ones you and your soul mate had left.   A day or two later at the edge of the yard were two very tiny peeps close beside two adult geese.   My heart feels it is you, so I will express my gratitude.   Thank you for sharing with me your family.   A wonderful family to be proud of indeed.   I can see in your slow walk you are keeping watch that they remain safe.   It is that same maternal care when they were still sheltered within their eggs.    

Namaste’ my dear goose on this holiday eve.   Happy Mother’s Day to you, mom to two precious geese.    I am reflecting on what may be reasons you captured my heart as you did.  How you no longer nesting became something I missed.   Intrigued by the way you would blend into your nest when people drove by.  Feeling connected to your quietness as a reminder of my abbey time.   Your unconditional love symbolic of the life, and the love, I too have received.  My mom nurturing like you, unconditional in her love for her family.   And your trust, patience, and rhythm with time a reminder of Nature’s steady embrace.    From sunrise to sunset and back to sunrise you stayed in place.   You relied on what you knew instinctively.    A lesson for us humans in trusting what our inner voice speaks.   

“Cycles of our lives”, “communal”, “self-less” include descriptions of your gifts as goose.   I don’t think I realized a sense of community was part of you, nor being selfless to your flocked group.   Now I smile further my dear goose for I think I’ve gained clarity.   You have been symbolic of my master’s class where I have been learning about community, belonging, and humility.    Further, you have been a reminder of new beginnings.      A messenger by my side to keep me remembering; I can trust that all I learned in this master’s class will not fade or leave. 

Namaste’ dear Hawk sitting in the tree.  I know you are there for more than guarding me.   You know I love you with all my heart and I am so very grateful you have crossed my path today.  But I also care about this family and I would like you to let them be on their way.   I have drawn upon your power and I thank you for appearing at the perfect time.   Can you now turn your head away and let these geese go by?  

Thank YOU, dear Hawk, for honoring my wish that you not harm these two little babes.   And yes, momma goose, your little ones are still safe.  You have had my back so to speak for these past few weeks.  Your symbolism in so many ways speaking volumes to me.  Please accept the request I made to Hawk as a small token of gratitude.   Thank you, very special mother goose, for being you.

4 thoughts on “An Ode to Motherhood

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you beautiful soul
    I know your angel babies and your earth angel baby are very proud of you and your unconditional love for them

  2. Thank YOU for such kind and beautiful words! Though I don’t believe today is a holiday the same for you, the meaning of the day still very much yours. Happy Mother’s day to one who lives well the art of hearing heartbeats.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, doll face! You are still a mom to many, don’t forget it! Definitely my Zen-Master. Love you to the moon and back!

    1. And I love you! xoxi!!!

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