Prologue Two



Hello my dear Roo.   Is this our prologue to book two?

Threaded; The Flow of Life or perhaps The Threads that Bind.   Or maybe modeled after the quote by Ram Dass about how we are walking with each other that I could call My Honored Walks Home.  Or Messengers and Angels I am Honored to Know.

I feel like I have been soaring on wings next to you.   The extraordinary miracle of each moment coming into view.  Like these beautiful out-stretched wings that danced above me today, I too have been looking down over the most breathtaking array.   I am standing next to the most powerful Maestro who is showing me how the orchestration has been taking place.   I am looking at where the thread has interwoven, the stitching connecting across space.

Where should we start showing the weaving that has taken place?   Given that the thread has been through our entire lives, there isn’t a beginning per say.  You are right dear Roo, let’s start with introducing two very special friends.   How my path has so beautifully intersected with both of them.     Should I start with sharing how they both have the most infectious smiles.  I am certain they could light up the world if the power went out for a while.    One loves dragon flies, moths, making others laugh, and baseball.  The other gravitates to hummingbirds, amethyst stones, and loves family most of all.

One I met in 2013.  One I met two years later, in 2015.   Both pillars of strength, each in their own way.   Both destined to use their warrior spirits to inspire faith.   One desired to give others freedom; that wish would come to be.  The other was beginning a journey knowing a greater purpose was unfolding.  The purpose already starting to be fulfilled, the vow a reality.  How both will touch many more lives only just beginning.

Neither knew each other until a few short weeks ago.  I had the honor of introducing them believing a friendship would unfold.

Roo, before we describe the beauty of their friendship, should we talk about the other threads that interweave?   Should we talk about the orchestrated moments that connect one to the next perfectly.    I know I won’t begin to capture all the giving and the receiving that has taken place, the threads of paying it forward in so many ways.   The beauty of giving is that we receive far more back, enabling us to give greater each next time.  And that, my dear Roo, is how the stitches seam us together, a breathtaking pattern that binds.

There is the orchestrated moment in May of 2014, four months before it was your time to leave.  The special friend I met in 2013 was teaching me to hear and see; I was learning that messengers communicate through space, if our heart is open to believe.   Of course, as we know from our book, because of the gift from this special friend my heart was ready to hear and see how you would always be by my side; I was open to learning that death is another state of being together, not goodbye.

Good point Roo, I should probably clarify.   My special friend an angel above, while by my side.  My special friend decided partners we could be; I could help him give others freedom as he helped me write words that could lead others to peace.   Whether a soul nearing their final days or a family in grief.   I didn’t realize just how much my special friend was helping me find the right words until recently.

Another orchestrated moment that would lead to the joining of two special friends.  Another orchestrated moment that has begun a far-reaching thread.   Three days before your time to go, I gave a card to someone barely known.   A friendship blossomed and grew, each of us guiding each other to live our authentic truth.  The card had a hummingbird symbol that would grow in its meaning in more than one way.  First it led to two pictures framed.   One picture on the wall of my new friend in celebration of her birthday.  The other on the wall of my special friend in celebration of her strength.   For it was now 2016 and my special friend had received her life changing news.   A walk with Cancer was about to ensue.   She knew why she had been given this disease; she would help others with Cancer because of her story.

As my special friend continued her warrior fight, my newfound friend was also by her side.   A triangle of support across the time zones and stars, each connected heart to heart.   The hummingbird becoming more meaningful when appearing at just the right time.  When my special friend wondered about life after Earth, the hummingbird appeared as a sign.  The hummingbird and my newfound friend leading my special friend to me for a journey of writing stories.  Weekly we began meeting so I could write letters for her two sons – her words on paper to keep.    My special friend hopes to read these letters to her six-year-old and three-year-old sons when they are twenty-six and twenty-three.   Her unconditional love for them is they will know her heart if it becomes her time to leave.

And now I get to the moment when my two special friends met.   It was during one of our weekly calls, my special friend starting to fear death.   Roo, as you know, she was starting to read our book but I knew she was yearning for more.   The orchestrated moment appeared, the opening of the right door.   I was able to share the ways my other special friend communicates across space.   More than once story highlighted how loved ones don’t go away.

Fast forward to May 18, and my special friend was not able to meet.   Text messages of “hugs” and “love yous” and “we’ll catch up next week”.   Getting ready for work, I decided to talk with my other special friend, asking what were some of his most favorite tunes.   A few minutes later I was reminded of a CD in the other room.   Tucked away in a closet not listened to for a year or maybe two, the whisper nudged “take it with you”.    Almost forgotten as I got to the jeep, the whisper nudged “go back in and get the CD”.   Back into the house, out of the closet, and back into the jeep, the music began playing its rock and roll beat.   About five songs into the CD, I was reminded of my special friend and my question of what his favorite song might be.  In an instant, I could feel his closeness to the left of me.  The next song began to play bringing my other special friend to my right.   And then the next orchestrated moment came into sight.

My special friend above was smiling that most radiant smile as he held out his hand.   My other special friend was smiling her beautiful smile as I began to understand the upcoming plan.  My special friend above was once again going to live his wish to help someone be free.  He would be guiding my other special friend as she prepared her release.

It is five days later and I am on our morning run, your little sis and I.   The play button begins singing the song from last week in my mind.   Knowing my special friend above is with me, I ask for his additional sign that our run he is joining.   Just like you have always responded my dear Roo every time I asked for you, my special friend does too.  A moth nearly kisses my eye as it flies by.   I whisper Hello my special friend, so good to have you by my side.

Near four hours later the moments leading up to “now” reveal their plan.  My special friend is now unconscious and soon will be taking that outstretched hand.   It will be two days later, approximately two-and-a-half hours after our scheduled time to meet.   It is May 25 when my friend decides her time to leave.

One special friend has just helped the other cross over in peace; one providing freedom for the other to be free.

My dear Roo, I know the threads that have been woven are only the start to a pattern just taking shape.   Our book was one beginning to teach hope and faith.   I will also be honoring my special friend’s vow as to why her disease.   I know you will help me find a way to use our gifts to make her story matter for others on their cancer journey.    And of course, I know our other special friend will be helping expand the thread that binds us all as one ultimately.  With his outstretched hand, he will whisper “it is great here, come follow me”.    And then he will begin teaching them how to help Earth hear and see.

Namaste’ my two special friends.  Namaste’ my dear Roo.    All my love to the moon.

4 thoughts on “Prologue Two

  1. I already can see how your beautiful words in the next book bring light to many souls in more than one way in more than one language across time and space just as your beautiful soul and words were and still are light and enormous source of power to your special friend

  2. 🕊💞💐 Thank YOU for your equally beautiful words! 🕊💞⭐

  3. Hi Chris, I’m one of Yana’s best friends…she told me about you. Thanks for your lovely words, and THX for the letters. So touching…

    1. Dear Sigal,
      I know the words “I am sorry for the void you now have” say so little to ease the ache in your heart. There are no right words to help your pain. Know that I send you wishes that peace can wrap you in a hug as you journey with grief. It is an honor to have a message from one of Yana’s best friends. Thank YOU for such kind words. They mean a lot. Best regards, – Chris

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