Category: Dignity and Worth

What Story do we See?

A carriage ride guided by a driver one might label “carefree”.  Introductions to a street sweeper, a published poet with impeded speech.      The street sweeper who did not find words easy to voice was touching hearts with his weaved words of choice.  The driver with an Engineering degree… Continue Reading “What Story do we See?”

The Gift of Kindness

Have you noticed a stranger today?  And if so, in exactly what way?  Did you go through the motions of “how are you?”  Or did you pause to see if their eyes and tone matched in “Fine.  And you?”  Did you appreciate something about… Continue Reading “The Gift of Kindness”

March 9, 2014

The letters written in bold read “MIRACLE” beneath “need a”. He lay on a blanket, protected, insulated, an assurance his bones wouldn’t begin taking on the bitterness of the cold hard cement.  His feet wrapped in remnants of an old coat; was it a… Continue Reading “March 9, 2014”